Ain’t Nothing More Powerful Than the Odor of Mendacity

So, yet another tell-all book arrives dishing dirt on President Trump, whose official spokespeople note that Michael Cohen, who is in jail, was a liar’s liar and everyone knew it.

They should know because he was President Trump’s lawyer, a man who did the lying king’s lying for him. I know, you thought that was Rudi Giuliani, but he is a different kind of liar’s liar and later to the scene. Michael Cohen was there from early on. And now, he’s another in the growing list of Trump truth tellers, or so he would have us believe.

His book comes out on Tuesday and he will make appearances, from house arrest I guess, on all the necessary programs. Technology is wonderful because it breaks through all these nominal barriers to get at…to get at…Well, I don’t know. I want to say “to get at the truth” but there is not an ounce of truth in any of these people so what can we say about that?

What you are going to find out in the 450 or so pages of Michael Cohen’s book is that Trump is indeed a liar, and seemed a racist packed full of a deep hatred for Barack Obama. But apparently not just black people and hispanics and what have you. One thing you have to say for Trump, his hatreds are kind of universal.

But we know that by now.

So what Cohen’s book does basically is add a thin media glaze to the shitcake the president has already constructed from his years of mendacity. Big Daddy would have smelled him coming from a good distance, I suspect. Except we are not in a Tennessee Williams Play (Cat was a great, great one, I must add). We are in reality, or the version of reality that has presented itself as the nation stumbles toward the presidential election.

I just don’t know what to say about a book written by a professional liar who not so long ago was licking this despicable president’s boots and doing all kind of dirty business for him. Problems with prostitutes? He could handle it. “Affairs?” That too, sometimes with big blocks of money from his own assets, borrowed against his house. Whatever. The man simply could not say “no” that I can discern from what we know of his career. He was the perfect lawyer for a guy like Trump. What he couldn’t get legally, he would get illegally. What he could not change, he could intimidate.

He is under house arrest, for Crissakes, so how much credibility can he have?

Actually, just enough.

You all know President Trump now. That last curtain dropped when we heard the audio from the “grab them by the pussy if I wanna” tape. We should have known at this point that Trump was evil, not smart enough to be the devil, but eager enough for money and fame to do the dude’s bidding whenever possible.

Loves Vladimir Putin, Cohen reports, because he believes Putin really knows how to run a country. Sure does. The despot turned all of Russia into a Kleptocracy and then unleashed wolves to gobble it up. Trump believed, Cohen reported, that Putin was the wealthiest man in the word. No wonder he was so eager to help him out.

Trump wanted a hotel on Red Square, up until only recently, the Mecca of World Communism and the place where what passes for Vladimir Illyich Lenin’s cadaver is on permanent display. Been there. Done that. He is a pasty old man who left behind a legacy of a system that simply could not work. Big deal. Russia was so bad that Putin, a former professional spy goon, just swept in and convinced people he would lead them to greatness. Well, has he? I don’t know. Where is the committee that decides greatness?

Those people could fuck up a steel ball with a rubber mallet. Trump thinks they are great. He won’t even call them on their bounty offers for killing American troops in Afghanistan. I suspect Trump believe those losers just made the wrong choice in joining up, after all. Suckers. Oh, yes, dead suckers. Thank you Mr. President! You evil putz.

Anyhow, that’s where Trump’s fascination comes from, the thought that Putin is the ultimate leader. He was going to give him the top floor of the Trump Tower he wanted to build on Red Square. Imagine that, a view of the sweeping vista of Moscow, ten months a year in fog and snow and a couple of months when the sun never seems to set no matter how much you want it to just disappear. It was the perfect Trumpian bribe, something based on no knowledge whatever of the place he was trying to influence. Cement and glass. Well, there’s something Moscow doesn’t have enough of yet.

Shit. I could go on for days with this but I won’t.

The lying parasite who was the lying parasite’s parasite is releasing a book. I’m not buying it. I hope he enjoys the rest of his days in prison.

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  1. Not sure I will read his book. I did read Mary Trump’s account, and I find her the most credible. Let’s hope we can put this tragedy behind us soon. Trump’s callous remarks about the military just may be his undoing. He can still do a lot of damage between now and the end of the year. That has me very worried. Another four years of the orange buffoon would cause me to move to Spain and never look back.

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