If you hate Trump, Send Money. if you love Joe, also send money. Or just send money!


You have to be as bored by this kind of thing as I am, the endless hand reached out for whatever you can give or, face it, if Donald Trump wins (loses) it will be all YOUR fault. Your last $20 could save it for Joe Biden. And so on…

I counted 20 solicitations on the internet to my email just on Monday telling me it’s all going to be my fault if Democrats don’t win everywhere because I didn’t put any more money in the till for the month of September.

Joe Biden’s campaign raised $364.5 million in August alone, a huge amount of money by any measure. Still, it’s not enough.

I’m not sure whether this is okay or not, but I am tired of hearing about it, and very tired of people trying to scare me into contributing.

Let me make it clear, if I could add money to a footlocker that would be used to send President Trump and his whole cloying, annoying, parasitic, whatever you want to call them straight to hell in a handcar, I would do it.

Instead, we are going to have an election. I give what I can. Maybe former Mayor Bloomberg can afford to dig down and pull up $100 million to try to sway the state of Florida into the Biden camp, but I can’t. So don’t ask me.

Nancy Pelosi, love that woman. Don’t need to hear anything more about Mitch McConnell outraising the Democrats by x-amount. Go squeeze a fat cat. You people are all so good at that. Let’s not pretend I have the kind of money around the house that I can just slip a couple of hundred bucks off to Joe Biden. Or a Congressional or Senate campaign committee.

I hate President Trump, too, but I didn’t vote to put him there and I’m only going to use my one vote to get rid of him. So stop measuring my loyalty in terms of dollars and sense. I will ALWAYS be against the kind of politicians represented by Trump and his swinish collection of troop followers.

But one of the choices I made in my life was not to be wealthy.

I succeeded.

Don’t make me regret that.

Love you to pieces,


2 thoughts on “If you hate Trump, Send Money. if you love Joe, also send money. Or just send money!

  1. Good write!!
    Where’s the footlocker??
    My wallet is shaking in my bag and screaming” I want to give- send the footlocker”


  2. Both parties know that their constituents in reliably blue states like Illinois have no impact on who becomes president other than supporting the onslaught of ads in states like My Michigan, where 20,000 “undecided voters” wondered whether to risk Covid yesterday to see Don Jr and Kid Rock In Macomb, the county that swung the state in 2016, or tune in today in Grand Rapids to hear Jill Biden with a mask.
    I ask you, if someone is still undecided, what will tip their scale for them? What part of the federal government that still exists will have to be threatened or protected for them to decide, now that HUD and HSA and Justice and State have been compromised and Health Care and Social Security are at risk? I suppose they are not big Kid Rock fans and are waiting to see what rock star comes in for Joe.

    All in all, I would rather be asked for money, to which I can say no, than have the vitriol of the visits, the Trump flotillas on Lake St. Clair, and the back to back to back ads.


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