Going Through the Motions

Well, here we are at the point in the presidential campaign where one on one interviews and town meetings and the like step forward to proclaim the big democracy show is underway and the nation is getting ready to decide.

What a pathetic imitation of the way it used to be we are all witnessing now. Say we put President Trump in some historic site in Philadelphia and let actual undecided voters ask him questions? How would that turn out?

Exactly the way you expected it to turn out. To Trumps beloved supporters, which amounts to some Fox news daytime hosts and guys on Harleys who should cut back on carbs and fanatics with automatic rifles, the whole thing was a setup, another chance to just embarrass a president who is no stranger to embarrassment.

And that is the God’s truth, no matter what anyone intended. Trump unleashed is Trump defiled these days. The man can’t open his mouth without spouting a splashing arc of mendacity about any subject anyone questions him about.

It’s enough to command a new attribution for quotes. “He said…she said…” just can’t cut it anymore. We should be just be flat out saying, “XXX, he lied.” or more simply, “the president lied.” Because that’s what he does.

I’m far beyond the point where I question whether he actually knows he is lying. I am willing to suggest he is so bollocks in the brain that it makes perfect sense to him all the time and seems like the absolute truth. After all, he says it and lightning doesn’t not strike.

Then a whole collection of his media parasites flaps around talking about how true it was, what the man just said. Then they go on to deny science, blame leaf litter for forest fires, suggest little more bleach in the injection to combat the virus and note, just in passing, that the Democrats are still part of a vast hidden army of traitors and child molesters just waiting to take charge.

They live in the world of your worst dreams, and come out for news conferences.

Rush Limbaugh, of course, is a sick man so he gets something of a pass on his ridiculous ranting. Stage Four lung cancer gets to be his fate and there’s nothing to be done about it but learn how to accept inevitability and pain and yield to it.

No, like a character in an old movie, he wants to fight on. I suspect he is becoming more irrelevant every day except to the small mass of followers who believe what both he and the President utter. Too bad for them. They are choosing to be loosing.

Wow. That’s almost good. “Choosing to be losing.” CTBL on the hat, which should be the brown color of mouse droppings.

But I have said enough and played my own tiny role in this ridiculous drama, the old guy who sits alone at home and rants.

I’m going for a walk, basically because everything I encounter, from the city’s scary black rat taps along the Skokie Express to the Cooper’s hawk who lives up in the tree and the squirrels and nervous chipmunks that scamper along in front of me, it’s all so very real.

Have some of THAT today! It’s good for you.!

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