Wrecking Mitch’s Plans (AND President Trumps, too)!

Assuming you haven’t already had enough reading and weeping about how Mitch McConnell runs the U.S. Senate, here’s another nice Mitch touch that simply underlines how much of a whore this man has become in his fealty to President Trump.

If you recall the last year of President Obama (which seems like a delightful fairy tale dream in which a truthful man gets to be president, and he’s Black!) there was a chance when Antonin Scalia died for Obama to name a man named Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. McConnell stood in his way.

Garland was highly qualified, having served on an appeals court for years and carrying impeccable credentials, Harvard Law and all that, that would have made him a great candidate for the high court. He was liberal, of course.

Mitch had a problem. It simply wasn’t proper to nominate a candidate for the high court in an election year. It would be better to wait to give that seat to the new president, presumably reflecting the public’s longings for that man’s (or woman’s) choice for the Supreme Court.

Okay! He got his way. We got an idiot for president and a couple of marginal Supreme Court Justices that came along with the package. You win them and you lose them, and we most certainly lost them.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg succumbed to her battle against pancreatic cancer and she was not even long gone from this world before Mitch McConnell announced he would be moving President Trump’s nomination to the Senate lickety split, as they might say in some corners of Kentucky. It was as though the logic he used last time around was never uttered.

President Trump joined in on Saturday, announcing it was his presidential duty to appoint someone as quickly as possible because, after all, he was elected president four years ago and so, geeeezzzzz Of course he has a list.

Mitch also clarified matters by saying it would be just fine for Trump to nominate a new justice because he is a Republican and Republicans control the Senate (for now.) So what could me more logical than that?

Holy Christ on a crispy cracker what a ludicrous argument! If he was right the last time around, then he is wrong now. If it was wrong the last time around, then he is still wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

But there is a bright side.

Say Trump nominates someone from the list he issued just a few weeks back when he was sucking up to the right wing of his very right winged party. Ted Cruz of Texas was on that list. As has been discussed many times in many places, no one likes Ted Cruz at all anywhere in the world of politics. So he is the perfect candidate. Trump should push hard.

That would make all of those whimpering parasites the Senate think very hard about making this kind of a decision in an election year. In fact, the pressure will be on everyone to announce who they will support. It will be the go to issue in every U.S. senate election this fall, whether you, Mr. and Mrs. Incumbent, are going to give this despicable President what he wants.

Even if its someone else on the list, the pressure will be strong to get people to say what they are going to do well before the Senate votes. Maybe they will dither long enough for the Nov. 3 election to arrive. Maybe even until a new president is inaugurated! (Yay!)

For the Senators, it’s a suicide decision, basically and most certainly a career ender. Which I think is just grand. I can’t wait to see Lindsay Graham and a gaggle of other Trump backers booted to the sidewalk by the voters on Nov. 3. It would feel soooooo good to have the Democrats taking over the Senate.

Here’s a “To do” list for when they do:

Get rid of all the stunts the Republicans have used to their advantage, among them the filibuster, the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgates to even more dirty money in politics, the Electoral College (finally) and anything else anyone can think of that the Republicans have used to circumvent anything over say, the past six years.

Assuming he somehow squeaks by, build a terrarium for McConnell and put him on display under a sign that says, “Don’t Be This Way!” or something even more offensive.