A new lie from an old liar

Good God, Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t even in her grave yet and President Trump is already defaming her and implying one of her final wishes, that the nation wait for a new president to name a replacement after her death, was actually a fabrication by Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and the whole rest of the Democratic conspiracy movement.

Of course it comes as no surprise. These Republicans are either too dumb, or too devious, to understand what they are doing. Only a few years back, they were blocking President Obama’s replacement for Justice Scalia by arguing that something like that should not happen in the last year of a presidents term.

And here we are in the very last months of this wretched man’s term and the Senate Republicans seem eager to confirm whatever name he sends along, actually tripping over one another to walk away from what they all were saying four years ago in a 180 degree turn that has them going in exactly the other direction.

If the Republicans who revere these people still support them after this, then they deserve a shellacking of the highest order.

In this matter, there’s no point in describing who said what when. You just have to trust me when I say these devious liars and con men are eager to accommodate this failing president and give him one more high court victory before, we can only hope, his head gets handed to him on a platter served up by an angry electorate.

And if you aren’t angry, what’s wrong with you?

Of course the Senate Republicans are well within their rights in doing all of this, as is Trump in sending a name in as quickly as he wants, just to stick us all one more time with his abusive approach toward power and how to use it.

The man is shameless.

But we’re not. There is no simple structural way for the Democrats to block this effort. They might be able to drag it out beyond an Election Day in which President Trump is likely to be soundly defeated, but even after that, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will find a way in that dark period between the old Congress and the new one to get that name on the floor and likely find a way to get an evaporating majority to cough up the 50 votes required for confirmation.

That should be a final troubling Republican act, the last time they can use their majority to do anything because, hopefully, they won’t have one anymore.

That will send Mitch back to his terrarium and the rest of them into retreat, maybe hiding behind the Confederate statues they so righteously protected long after the nature of their mission became clear to everyone.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s very name will become a blessing.

God, please make it be Nov. 3 soon.

5 thoughts on “A new lie from an old liar

  1. My husband has Irish citizenship, available to anyone with a grandparent born there. We are seriously thinking of moving if the conman is re-elected. Clearly, we won’t belong here


  2. I get angry every time I see a Trump sign, and there are many of them because he has the money to put them out there. But how can there be so many people foolish enough to think he’s anything but a piece of s–t !!!


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