Worry about the right things

Wow, people are getting really crazy about the upcoming presidential election. I think it’s because they know our fantastic president, and I mean that as a criticism of a man who lives in a fantasy world, simply will refuse to accept this big rejection, just as he has refused to accept all the big rejections that have defined his pathetic life.

The latest hand-wringing among Democrats I can identify is about Trump’s planned announcement of a new Supreme Court nomination even before Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been duly noted as one of the era’s greatest women and justices, and buried. The fear is he will just rush some fanatic female into the post and get his Senate stooges (I mean that literally, too) to confirm her.

Here’s why we should not be over worried about either of these situations, with the Supreme Court coming first.

It must be great to become a Justice after a career in law because suddenly, you realize you can do anything you want, or nothing, or half way nothing, and still be revered as being a member of the high court. You never have to run for or work for much of anything for the rest of your life. It must be like being buried in a velvet lined coffin, so smooth and so on. But of course, the real world knows you are basically dead.

That is liberating. And I think justices over time have used that certainty to issue decisions that just shock the bejabbers out of their conservative or liberal backers, not just because they can, but because they get to adopt a very new model for thought as Justices. They get to think about what the Constitution means, and all the laws that have flowed from it.

If you think Trump will be guaranteed to pick up a whole host (intentional pun warning) of Roman Catholic voters because he names a Roman Catholic women who opposes abortion to the court, think again. Should he pick one of those, there is no guarantee whatever that she will vote the “right” way should the issue of Roe V. Wade land in front of her. The one thing a new justice doesn’t want to seem like is a cowering dolt responding to the president who appointed her. We’re well past the point in law and in life in which every woman needs a good man behind her. They don’t need anyone but themselves. Besides, were I a woman, I would not want President Trump behind me in any sense of the word. I would shut the door on him because he is ignorant, unread, thoughtless and vile, all disqualifiers in the heady world of the Supreme Court.

So don’t worry.

Trump is well within his job description in appointing anyone he wants, and the Senate, fast or slow, is well within its Constitutional boundaries in confirming that candidate and, frankly, no one can say what happens after that. I suspect there were Republicans who firmly believed Chief Justice Roberts would drive a wooden stake through the heart of the evil villain Obamacare. But he did not. He actually supported it, saving it in a key tight case. Will he do it again? Can’t say. Might. Might not. Will Trump’s next selection to the court support or oppose? Can’t say that either. When the mantle of authority falls on a person, no telling what that will do. So not to worry. Just assume that whatever happens, the latest addition to the bench up there will be as unpredictable as ever. As a former media guy, I know what happens on these things. Media creates the thought that everyone is a slave to ideology, that party or something like will define behaviors. But the court doesn’t much work like that, which is why it is sometimes quite surprising.

So much for that worry.

On to the election.

It is hilarious, to me, that President Trump spends so much time dismissing the reliability of mail in ballots (the ones he uses, for example) on the grounds that they open the door to Democratic deviousness that will lead to a corrupted election. Would that it were that simple. All we would have to do is find some devious Democrats to find some way to get their hands on the structure and guarantee their person won.

In my view and experience, almost all of the really devious folks over the past four years have been pals or appointees of the president. So if you think deviousness is at hand, look to his camp, not to the Democrats. The days when a mayor of Chicago could deliver a tight state to the Democrats just by, well, stealing some part of the process are well behind us. Also, these days I think my favorite federal employee is my mail person. Very dependable and doesn’t mind my angry dog at all. I don’t think President Trump is going to be able to wreck that relationship so much that my ballot will be lost. Also, I plan to fill it all out and go drop it at City Hall in the ballot box handily placed so everyone can see the process of turning in their votes.

I do not doubt that Trump will, 1. Claim an early victory on election night and 2. scream fraud and wave his arms around when he realizes his ass has been kicked all the way out of office. He will file lawsuits. He will talk about corruption all over the place. His hopeless followers will strap on their assault rifles and cram those MAGA hats on and go out and have demonstrations. I smell tear gas and so on.

Won’t matter.

What Trump does not realize, but will soon enough, is that THIS is the part of government that the Constitution and our history has given to the people. Take that seriously. Plan to vote and make certain you follow all the right steps if you are doing it by mail, because the hyperbolic fool in the White House will be looking for every angle he can find to pretend he is still loved by the people.

Which never was, and never will be.


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