Don’t Do Anything Stupid!

Yes. I’m speaking to Democrats here in the wake of President Trump’s decision to send Amy’s name to the Senate for confirmation as a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Judge Barrett is heading for her very own day in the court of public opinion, first and the Senate Judiciary Committee and then the full Senate, second.

It is a dangerous moment for the Democrats, always eager to blow a big lead and open the way for something awful to happen because they just can’t seem to get the message straight. The danger now is that someone will make a connection between Catholicism and how the new Justice will do her job and suggest being Catholic is a bad thing.

That’s a bad and big leap and one the Democrats should not make for a lot of reasons. The first would be that it’s exactly what President Trump wants them to do, else he would not have turned to her as his Hail Mary (Whoops!) election pass now that he is fourth and long yardage, or whatever football metaphor fits.

Also, if Roman Catholicism is the issue, someone should tell Joe Biden, about as Roman Catholic a guy as I have seen in that position in a long, long time. I see him as one of those firm “life is always valuable” kind of politicians who will avoid the abortion issue as though it were the power rail on the el tracks. Because it is. I think he might be the kind of grandfather who would talk, not about abortion, but about morning after pills or whatever other kinds of contraception you need to keep from getting pregnant.

And that is the big irony of what we are about to go through. The elephant in the Senate Chamber at every hour of the hearing is that old question about Roe V. Wade, something well settled in law for many decades now. But people can’t resist the chance to get their hands down someone else’s pants. It’s been that way forever. Still, opportunists are always ready to drag abortion out to use as a battering ram, or some other kind of weapon that might move Catholic voters to overlook…

Wait a minute!

We can’t seriously expect Roman Catholics to overlook the abysmal behavior of this awful president on everything from human rights to the morality of ignoring science in Corona Virus matters and on to weather forecasting and unleashing federal troops on people expressing their first amendment rights to protest.

Caging babies on the border. Bragging about a wall he can’t get built to keep those south of the border Catholics out of the country. Doesn’t God love them, too?

The man who put that odious poop in the attorney general’s job?

You think Catholics will be magnetically drawn to reelecting this man just because he appoints this Catholic woman to the high court, as though that will make some kind of magical difference?

I don’t think so. He’s evil and we all know that quite well by now and picking a woman, however brilliant and frankly, engaging, can’t change that even a little bit.

If that kind of move can make you change your vote, I have a whole package of plenary indulgences to sell you guaranteed to shorten your time in Purgatory. It worked in the 15th Century, didn’t it? Why not now?

Vote him out.

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