Yes but what KIND of Clown?

Wow, that was a nut buster of a debate, but not for any good reasons. First, no ones nuts got busted because Trumps only real tool is to try to talk over everyone and unleash the same old wad of poop. And Biden is much too classic in the world of debate to deal with the kind of stupidity on display from the president.

He actually called the president a “clown,” which I thought was a pretty elegant description given Trump’s abysmal behavior. But then I got to thinking, “What kind of a clown?” My exposure to clowns as a child was not a good thing. Each spring, the Shrine Circus would roll its wagons and pissing elephants (now THAT was something to see) and miserable clowns and their families into the Jaffa Mosque parking lot two blocks down the street from our house. We would all go down as soon as word had arrived that they were in town.

The famous lion tamer Pat Anthony would show up, sometimes dressed in white with a black belt and holster with a pistol, and pass out free tickets so we could get in to see the show. That was good. The clowns who built most of their acts around pyrotechnics that were loud and scary, that was bad. It would take me many, many years before I got to see sophisticated clowns in Cirque or in the Moscow circus when we lived in Russia.

There were clowns who would walk on big balls up aluminum ramps, generally falling a couple of times on the way because they were not very good clowns and really not very good at rolling balls up ramps with their feet, too!

But it was the collection of Altoona clowns that defined my sense of clowning, with their fire crackers and loud noises and crude gestures and the like. They were low life clowns. I suspected they drank before breakfast, cheated on their clown wives and caused all kinds of problems in the circus.

That’s the kind of clown Trump is, the kind who causes all kinds of problems in the circus.

Last night during the first of what threatens to be three debates between Trump and Joe Biden, his worst clown behavior was on display, with his sneering interruptions and distractions and disrespect for everyone in the process including himself.

He is not only a big business fraud and a tax hustler of the first order, he is a troubling clown, not at all funny, kind of pathetic just beneath the surface, too much of whatever he has on display.

For this reason, I suggest we have had enough of debates for this presidential cycle. I know media has come to expect them so everyone can sit around and try to be fair in the aftermath instead of just pounding down some cocktails and shouting, “What a fuck fest!” which is what they are all thinking, you can tell, if you look at their eyes.

Joe Biden is going to defeat President Trump and he will leave the White House on time with no theatrics, I predict, off to sulk in the great sand traps of life. Even the Altoona clowns eventually got back into their clunky, dented second hand Air Streams and headed off for the next show, leaving only sighs of relief and a sense that there was something truly wrong with them.

But not heroic Pat Anthony, who was compelling enough to always wipe out those sad clown memories. We are counting on Joe to be the lion tamer in this circus. A little heroic behavior couldn’t hurt at this point.

5 thoughts on “Yes but what KIND of Clown?

  1. As most if not all have concluded, last night’s debate was the most catastrophic nightmare in the history of presidential debates and the world was a witness to this completely embarrassing display. Where VP Biden failed with me was his inability to remain composed and let Trump show off his all too familiar behavior of spewing lies and unfounded accusations. Joe should have let Trump rage on then ask the moderator to set the clock back to 2 minutes EVERY time he was interrupted so he could properly answer the questions presented to him. I felt his display of pent up anger and complete exasperation, that lead to name calling and other biting remarks was hurtful in demonstrating his ability to remain poised in front of the cameras. This would have given him the image of being a presidential type in the eyes of the viewers. Because they both were going at each other, flinging mud across the stage, not one question posed gave us any semblance of an answer. In the next debate between these two, the moderator should have the ability to turn off the microphones of the person who is speaking out of turn or blast an air horn to silence any interruptions. Hopefully it won’t’ come down to that.


  2. What a headache producer….I sincerely hope they don’t debate again. It will never change..Biden can only hold his tongue for so long (understandably) & it leaves him open to much misunderstanding. His best moves were directed right in the face of the AMERICANS encouraging them to VOTE! What a mess.


  3. Even as a kid, I never liked clowns. Clowns always seem creepy. Even more so when they occupy the White House and threaten us.


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