Circling the Clown Wagons!

Well I’m shit showed up to the eyes already and we are what, a whole week or so from the next presidential debate? The fashionable thing for we liberals to do is roll our eyes, sigh and weep into our Prosecco about the state of our politics.

Shame on us and what has happened. Shame on those Republicans. Shame on the president. Shame on, I don’t know, Attorney General Barr and Rudy Giuliani and that bloated beach carp Chris Christie, too!

Well, screw that!

More debates? I say bring it on! There’s no better sign of how worried the Forces of Trump are than the fact that they have circled their wagons and proclaimed the whole process is unfair to the president and biased against him.

He will accept no changes in the rules because he did such a stunningly great job in the first event, with his bloviating and cross talking and scowling and whatever else you want to call it. It only came out badly because of media bias.

See, it’s all here! That Wallace guy is biased. The Commission on Presidential Debates is Biased, about the only people who aren’t biased is the diminishing collection of troop followers at Fox News who just can’t sing the praises enough of this awful man!

Does he have pictures of these people or what? Don’t they realize that their careers are already in collapse, that they have strapped themselves to the side of a Titanic-level disaster playing out right in front of our eyes.

Yes! That IS an iceberg up there and it IS too late to change course and it looks to me like the president is going to have all the rivets on his side ripped out and take on water and go down while Rudy and Chris and one of those blonde White House spokes people sing “Nearer My God to Thee,” with Franklin Graham praying in the background.

What a great moment that will be!

Of course you want to have more debates if you are a Democrat. There are maybe six people in the entire universe who thought Trump won the debate, and they have to because they are related to him. No one else is taking that bait. The French shouted merde just as loudly as Dana Bash, for Crissake. I suspect there may be some Russian trolls who think it was great, but they do what they are told to do.

The rest of us saw it in all its glory, a man coming unraveled in the face of his challenger, scaredy-catting his way through the whole process with his collection of grunts and such instead of actual responses.

A couple of columnists basically said Trump won it on points, but I don’t know how you could assess that since no normal person could hear what anyone was saying.

So I say go on to the second, and pray it’s just as bad. Were I Joe Biden, I would stand in comfortable silence for most of it then walk out at the 75 minute point with a dramatic gesture with his wiring and a clever quip, like “This is a waste of everyone’s time.”

Here’s what we know about the president. He is up to his eyes in debt, he never was the businessman he claimed to be, his lawyers skidded him through an income tax process that might well now cost him $100 million in the clear light of day. His properties are ugly disasters just waiting for bankruptcy.

AND he can’t quite decide which kind of right wing and fascist hate groups he should be against, even now.


2 thoughts on “Circling the Clown Wagons!

  1. Yeah. Hope Hicks tested positive Thursday. And then about 1am Friday it was announced that Trump and his wife tested positive. I suspect he will recover and he will then be able to declare that covid19 is just another hoax.


  2. Only disappointment is the announcement re Trump and the Missus came too late for the morning papers. Ah, the headlines we won’t see . . .


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