Typhoid Donald!

Well, it’s hard to imagine a politician doing anything more stupid than this, but then, he always delights with his stupidity. I think we need to be diligent in referring to Covid 19 as the Trump Flu and when people say he doesn’t think it amounts to much, tell him the families of more than 200,000 dead people beg to differ.

This man is rapidly becoming even more of an abomination than I had feared. He is surrounded by the strongest science on earth, the best brains money can buy, and so on, and still believes nothing beyond what he has experienced. I suspect his thoughts about Covid will change a lot if it moves to another stage and flattens him in bed and starts to squeeze the life out of him.

I sure hope it doesn’t because he is, after all, the president. We don’t need any more shocks from this guy. Nov. 3 is coming and if you have not already voted you should as soon as you can and however you can. There are no excuses this time around. He needs to have his pestilent fat body crushed under a tidal wave of Democratic votes.

He wants to play the hero at this point, as though it relates to anyone but him. He goes to one of the best hospitals of them all and gets the best treatment from the best doctors, chooses to ignore their advice and then goes home, giving him a chance to flaunt all of them by stripping his mask off up where every one can see!

Meanwhile, all kinds of people around him are showing up with the Covid infection, among them the First Lady, and everyone at the White House is scrambling to make this seem okay, which is very much is not.

You all know how we got here. Let’s get away from it as quickly as we can!

2 thoughts on “Typhoid Donald!

  1. Toto…I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore! That is what our USA feels like now. Full of flying monkeys & one very wicked man… holy smoke..go vote so we can melt this mess!


  2. Cant wait until the steroid treatment is finished. If you think that is not effecting his already crazy brain, read up on the side effects.


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