The Deacon of Denial

Wow, it must be really interesting to be Vice President Mike Pence, who has been in denial for much of the past four years or so, claiming against all reality that his boss, Donald Trump, is a fine guy who loves everyone and also has Jewish kids in the family.

Every morning you would get up and face the crashing shitstream of tweets that come blasting out of President Trump’s head and pretend everything is just fine. You would have your coffee and maybe some toast. Maybe an egg. Or a fibrous cereal product. But what you would not do is exactly what the rest of us are ready to do at any moment.

Stand up screaming and grab something worthwhile and smash it against a wall while your spouse cowers the corner and you scream, but scream what? I don’t even know any more. There seems to be no bottom to the bottom of these people. I suspect Pence believes Jesus is with him, but even up in heaven, Jesus is likely saying, “Jesus Christ! He did What? Get Dad on the phone. Time to bring this sick puppy home.”

Or something like that.

It was a pretty good debate and it reminded me most of all never to get angry with Kamala Harris because she could just turn her head toward you, lift her lips and smile so big you can’t believe it. That’s what she did lots of in the debate with Pence. It was most effective. She didn’t have to interrupt like President Trump did last week. She could just do it with her lovely, expressive face. You could read exactly what she was thinking.

“He is such a freakin’ liar. I can’t believe he is saying this.”

You knew it was getting a little warm when she noted that she wasn’t going to sit there and take any shit from Vice President Trump (she didn’t call it shit). She sent it right back with a big red bow and a smooch.

I’m beginning to think there might be no place more uncomfortable in politics than to be between Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris when they have their furnaces lit. Fortunately, President Trump is not sentient and has no nerve endings on his skin so things just bounce off.

They could really hurt you.

I didn’t score this one. It was clear from the minute she opened her mouth that she had won, and not because she was better than he was. It was because his position was indefensible, like someone who stepped up to represent Attila the Hun in the court of history.

I suspect you could argue he had grandchildren or something.

Bring on this election.

The polls are all going very strongly in the right direction. They have Trump so frightened he turned away from his “No relief for anyone” position and now wants to give lots of money to the airlines and everyone else.

Can we please have this election?

4 thoughts on “The Deacon of Denial

  1. Amen & again I say Amen! Let’s just get this water torture over with. Vote their asses out! Once again..Amen.


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