The Outhouse Rat Problem

I think our president has become nutty as an outhouse rat, and you might think that too if you consider just what kind of poop he was pumping only yesterday. He’s back on the Obama/Clinton conspiracy thing again, arguing they had a plan they were going to hatch between the State Department and the White House in the final days of Obama’s presidency to undermine the newly elected president.

Clearly, outhouse rat kind of thinking from a man whose normal thoughts are apparently beyond the ken of decent folk and thinkers alike. He has become like some kind of Shakespearean character rambling around in the White House infecting his subordinates and proclaiming himself healthy as the day he was born. And always looking for the evil people who are trying to undermine him. Roger Stone and Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie wander the echoing White House hallways singing songs of praise and glory. Soon there will be no one to speak for him. Franklin Graham and Mitch McConnell (but only from a very safe distance) and Lindsay Graham will pick up fiddles and start playing “Nearer My God to Thee” on the deck as this Titanic waste of a president heads for the bottom.

Where are the crazy right wing kidnappers when you need them? Oh yeah, Michigan!


He is clearly either so amped on his steriods that the fantasies living in the dark corners of his very dark mind have been unleashed, or he is just so frightened of defeat that he is acting like a screaming baby who will make any noise it can to draw the attention of the people who are supposed to be taking care of him.

Which would be whom?

I can’t figure it out. The adults have all left that asylum and the ones who remain around the president clearly survive by feeding his paranoia and fueling his dark and unacceptable thoughts about Hillary and the former President and anyone else he can aim his wrath cannon at just to make noise and confuse everyone.

Let’s just get past this latest blast of noise and look at the realities. 1. 220,000 Americans have now died of the Trump virus (Yes, I know he didn’t cause it. But he surely didn’t stop it either). 2. The economy has slipped so far down into the shitter you look down there and see nothing but swirling economic indicators. In the face of this, he either is, or isn’t, going to support some bailing out for people who really need bailing out, not his tax friends, but common folks who have lost their jobs and their hopes for the future thanks to his, his, his what? Indifference? Stupidity? Anger? Rage? They all fit, you know.

When last we visited reality, normal people were aghast at the report that he paid less in taxes than anyone could believe, built his reputation on a TV show mythology in which he played the king of the hill, lied lied lied about just about everything, ran his businesses like they were pots of money to loot AND had the kind of behavior going on that would get even a teenager in trouble.

Then he got Covid and probably spread it all over the White House. What a leader!


And he wants Obama and Hillary and anyone else who opposed him in any way to be arrested and prosecuted, and for what? Accuse them of normalcy? Kindness? Compassion? I can’t figure it out. He says its a big conspiracy, but to achieve what?

Kamala Harris said it best, if you are normal, they are coming for you, so watch out! Don’t let this fraudulent huckster tap any more of your emotion. If you haven’t voted, vote as soon as you can. Get rid of him. Then prosecute him and put him in jail for whatever crime you want to pick.

Or perhaps just because he deserves it.