But Would You Die For Him?

That is the question at the heart of every nervous, frightened and scary thought about what happens when Democrats overwhelm whatever army it is that believes it is behind Donald Trump on Election Day and sends him packing. There are fears in some quarters that we are on the brink of some kind of class or race war fueled by wild speculations about Democrats stealing the election just to get rid of Donald Trump.

I believe that men and women gave their lives for Abraham Lincoln in the war between the states, and I believe they gave their lives for President Roosevelt in response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and Germany’s bloody aggression across Europe. They did it for their country, for the ideals that bound them to that thought of nationhood. Not so eager for Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam or whatever it was we were battling in Korea. Not so eager at all.

And when it comes down to the line, when you are standing around the corner with your rifle at the ready and you ask those big questions: “Am I willing to kill for this president? Am I willing to die for this president?” I think the answer will come back “No. Not at all.” And I hope in my heart that this is how it plays out, that people realize that the man is not worth losing a life over.

Not even a single life.

And that is what decides whether you go to war. Are you willing to kill for it? Are you willing to die for it? Those are big, moral life-changing questions that are far too weighty for defending the interest of this kind of man, a man who disrespects all of the heroes who already made the sacrifice for their country, all those people he demeans and calls fools and stupid for not just grabbing the money.

You don’t go to war for a man like that. You go to war against a man like that. We have at many points in our own history. It’s just that they weren’t so close to us, so close to a process we thought we knew. Now that the awful leader is our own, we don’t quite know how to process getting rid of him, and getting rid of him we must. You could smile at the clown-like behavior in the beginning, but look at where it led. Our economy is wrecked. Our health is on the line. Our very future is in jeopardy, mostly because we made the wrong choice four years ago and went for the sparkly object because the other option was just too worn to appeal to enough people.

I don’t think this is about race at all.

I think as a nation we are smart enough, good enough, to solve our race problems without violence, good enough to open the bounty of the place to everyone, no matter the race, no matter the history. Two thoughts drive this one, the first is self-interest. None of us wants our sweet children to fall victim to the violence of a race war. I think at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement a few months back, the clouds parted and we saw little bit of the path we have to march to bring equality and fairness back into the equation that runs the nation. The second is that I think we have goodness that is as yet untapped in our hearts. It will take an inspirational leader to reach in to find it. Joe Biden may not be the slickest or most dynamic politician of the bunch, but he is a man who looks in the right direction. And after four years of trouble from a directionless fool who isn’t good at anything, he is much the better choice.

3 thoughts on “But Would You Die For Him?

  1. Glad you had the guts to write this, Charlie. Proud. I am nervous, and so is my husband, who has been making telephone calls for the Democrats for months now. I truly don’t know what to expect. If he wins another term, I suspect things will get much, much worse. A lot of the people we love, people in our own families, will be hurting (already ARE). We should have cracked down on gun ownership a long time ago. Now we will pay the price, and the price may be insurrection. I believe in prayer. I know you may not, but I am praying fervently that Biden wins, and whatever happy horseshit ensues, we can stop in in its tracks. I also pray that nobody I am related to or love will be voting for Trump, because I won’t know what to say to them when we meet again after this pandemic ends. I am very disappointed in them.


  2. Which of these two men would you hold up to your children as an example of the kind of person you would want them be. Think seriously about morals and values. He is the one you should give your vote to.


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