Time to Worry Again…but not about the presidential race

Well, I have a feeling this is going to go very well for the Democratic Party all over the place. This is based on nothing other than my abiding prayer and hope that we will be rid of Donald Trump as soon as possible. Sick of his voice. Sick of his sense of “humor” and sick of his hair…yes, just about everything about him.

We will be rid of him soon enough, but that’s not what’s important at this instant. Here is what is more important.

The number of people hospitalized with the coronavirus has climbed significantly from a month ago, straining cities that have fewer resources to weather the surges.

It would be nice to think that the presidential race is so important that nothing else matters. But my sense is that it’s over, that Joe Biden will win the election after a couple of days of tumultuous hand wringing from Democrats, spitting and blabbing from President Trump and lots of anxiety from the media. Eventually, it will be over. Yay! The good man will win!

But even after that is done, I fear hundreds, maybe thousands of vulnerable people will find themselves hospitalized. Maybe one in 200 of them will die of Covid 19, so President Trump will continue to extract misery from the virus he was unable to stop.

What to do about it?

First, make kindness your objective. Do what you can to help the sick. Call their families. Offer help. Maybe make a casserole. Whatever you can do to show that, at base, its person to person stuff that builds a nation. We’ve always had plenty of that and now we have to call on it again. Attend a strangers funeral and show some respect to the survivors.

As for me, I’m done with this. I have said every cruel thing I could think of saying about President Trump and I am totally done with that now. I hope we never have to listen to, see, or deal with his bullshit again.

I’m going back to instruments and music and the things that make me happy.

Have some pie if you can get one. It always helps.

One thought on “Time to Worry Again…but not about the presidential race

  1. Dear Charlie, I’ve got a song currently streaming that I think you might enjoy singing: GET THE MONEY MEN OUT OF CONGRESS. Harmony vocals and instrumental flourishes are courtesy of my nephew Andrew Gerhan and his wife Kat. Don’t want to get the song from the stream? Call me, and I’ll sing it to you over the phone.


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