What the holy hell is going on?

First, understand that it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to find violations of election law. Most of them are plain as the nose on your face. Generally, no one pays much attention because they just don’t matter. It’s a very, very rare case in which shenanigans reverse the public decision and allow a scoundrel to take a victory.

But it’s pretty clear that this is exactly what President Trump is hoping for, a violation of standards so grevious that no one can fail to understand what happened. All of this is because he just can’t face the fact that he lost this election, clearly lost this election, which played out under about as much scrutiny as an election can stand.

Trump won’t recognize his defeat and many of the Republicans around him recognize that, too, because they are essentially cowards whose standing was enhanced by Trump’s presence, either because he appointed them to something or because he allowed them to hold their seats back in the day in which the Republican Party was viewed as Trump’s party.

But that is a complete fiction.

The Republican Party, I would suggest, was never Trump’s party. He wasn’t a part of it before he won four years ago and he isn’t actually a part of it now. They are all just blinded by his orange brilliance and bone headed determination to create his very own version of reality. They have been swayed by the gold toilets and hair treatments and golf and the like. But none of that is real. The White House will return to common porcelain before you know it, American Standard, I would suggest.

He is going to go. He just hasn’t realized it yet and so all of those people who helped prop him up over the past four years still have their arms up holding him in a vertical position. That can’t last for much longer and he is headed for a big face plant.

I know. I know. I know, we can’t wait.

But we have to because that’s how things are now.

Lets remember that our obligation to democracy did not end when our votes were cast. It’s still as important today as it was the week before the election. It’s just that we have slipped into a strange new era for which no one has been prepared. We’ve never had a president before who was so clearly out of his mind, so unreal, so deceitful.

Now we do. So just sit still for a while and watch what happens.

2 thoughts on “What the holy hell is going on?

  1. McConnell and the other Trump quislings need his cult to come out in Georgia, and as they are not really Republicans either, their abandonment of the party would cost Mitchey the Senate.Its just them, being ugly for a while longer…As you said …just wait.


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