A strange place in history

Well, there is no assurance that President Trump has read any history at all in his entire life, maybe beyond what you pick up in elementary and high school about how democracy selects presidents and allows for the transfer of power. Whatever it was, it clearly did not sink in.

It’s not like he is dragging the nation to a precipice and leading it into a plummet of some kind. Joe Biden won the election. He has the electoral votes to prove it, and even the people who would be most likely to present evidence of election fraud (EVIDENCE!) haven’t done that yet.

Because there is none.

So, I think what Trump is doing (and he hasn’t told us this at all) is just keeping himself in what he views as a game, the game of politics, by magnetically drawing that media searchlight toward himself whenever he can. It’s kind of pathetic, but understandable. His every utterance has drawn response for four years now, and the thought of being cast off must have him ginning up terrible nightmares every night about the pain of being ignored.

One thing you have to say for him, he knew how not to be ignored, not that that means anything. Meant anything. Will mean anything.

As long as he keeps from tossing in the towel, he can keep media’s festering attention focused on his every move. He learned long ago (and we did not, I might add) that you can say anything and media will report it. Label people criminals, there’s a report. Label people scum, there’s a report. Everything the president says is, by definition, news.

I just hate that, and I always have. Even when I was covering politics and directing coverage in the Chicago Tribune’s Washington bureau I despised the fact that we responded to every fart, jot and titter that came out of the White House. A lot of it was pure nonsense, from Democrat and Republican alike, and did nothing to advance the public interest. I simply hated that part of my job.

Maybe now it is time for media to stop doing this. Maybe now should be the time where we say, “If it’s not a concession, we don’t need to hear from you.” No one has the balls to do that, but you can tell when the anchor people and reporters are getting close to the limits of their patience. CBS guy Major Garrett is best at this. It looks like his eyes are going to explode when he is confronted by dishonesty. I love that about him. He struggled to be balanced and fair, and you can tell that is a huge challenge for him now. He just wants to drop his mike and yell “Bullshit…” so everyone can see and hear him.

But of course, he can’t.

So, let’s watch how this plays out. I suggest Trump already understands he has lost and there’s no way to build the votes he needs to change that. But that’s not the point.

He spent four years creating the most unreasonable and ridiculous version of a president he could, so now anything he does seems perfectly in character. You knew he would not go out of there like a good man with best wishes for his successor. You knew it as sure as you knew he had no plan for Covid, no plan for budgets, no plan for anything other than getting your attention for another day.

He’s almost out of days.

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