There is a reality

This has been about the most troubling week or so in modern history, mostly because of a president who is either so foolish, or so evil, or perhaps both, that he will not recognize reality and surrounds himself with a gathering of flawed followers who have almost exactly the same problem.

Anyone who tries to abandon ship now gets shot on the hawser cable as they are scrambling for the safety of the warf. Soon, the waters will be so full of rats you won’t be able to tell one from the other, all of those loyalists who tried as the grand ship Trump was tilting to make their way, somehow, to solid ground.

Imaging that, if you were trying to find some solid ground these days and you ran head on into Trump’s melting attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who we have all watched descending from what seemed to be greatness as Mayor of New York to the pathetic form who now says whatever he has to on TV and files gobs and gobs of useless lawsuits in Trump’s behalf. It’s enough to make you want to go back up that cable and look for safety in…in what?

I honestly don’t know.

Trump has always been the creator of his own universe, with its own facts and its own collection of heroes and villains and its own tortured sense of reality. It is very slowly catching up with him. His administration is beginning to look as ridiculous as his hair, with its plastered, tortured curves and wings and whatnot.

His days are so numbered you can’t believe it.

Still, there will be people lined up for years to sing his praises, and I just can’t understand why. Even when I put on my ancient “fair observer” journalists hat, I don’t get it. I don’t get the people who back him, who follow him blindly down whatever rat hole he has chosen to get headlines.

I know how elections work (or at least I thought I did) after decades of covering them. This is not how we move from one administration to the next, with the last president clinging, like some kind of condemned animal, to the rusting wreckage of his administration, unleashing the worst collection of lawyers and liars you have ever seen anywhere.

Most of us, I would argue, are ready for this to be over.

If President Trump wants to save even a tiny cup of good will after his four acidic years in the White House, he should just give it up and send congrats to Joe Biden any way he can and get the hell off stage.

There won’t be any him left if he doesn’t, and he is taking down his Republican Party as he sinks into the bog he created for himself.

2 thoughts on “There is a reality

  1. For several years I called for reasonable folks to just ignore this man. His press conferences have been political rallies on the public dime and if we turned off our TVs his ratings would fall. Now this seems an even more effective strategy. Boycott the Bastard!


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