I bet he finds a way to steal it!

It’s only appropriate that Donald Trump shifts to theft having dimly recognized the reality that he has to leave the White House in January, like it or not. He’s still pumping the thought that he was robbed, that the election was marred by all kinds of violations that should eliminate Joe Biden from the ranks of presidents.

That, of course, is classic flapdoodle, the kind of talk Trump always embraces when things become, how to put it, dark. The more the fates lean on him the wackier he gets with his pronouncements and proclamations. It’s going to be hard to ignore this man after Jan. 20, but…wait a minute! No its not.

He’s going to head off to Mar-a-Lago with a huge pot of money and no genuine mission other than to toot his own horn and build for a run in 2024, when he will be, what, the equivalent of 300 years old if you factor in the impact of Big Macs and whatever else its is he is stuffing himself with.

I suspect he will steal this money, probably redefining it in the process as not a contribution at all to challenge the election results (abysmal failure everywhere) but as some kind of reward from his beloved voters that he can well use to mount another presidential campaign for 2024.

I cannot imagine this man ever going back into the White House. Even as a guest. He will spend his final days, I suspect, under investigation or fighting an array of prosecutions that will flow from his pre-presidential shenanigans, his presidency itself, or whatever the hell he thinks it is he is doing just now.

Mark my words, the man has a prosecutor target on his back and someone is going to lean really hard on that reality and perhaps even send him to prison, which would be just a delightful development for those of us who have despised him for most of time. Somewhere cold, please, where there is no golf.

But I am not a babe in the woods on this subject. He is about as slippery as a banana slug so he could well slime his way out of all of this, too, and remain a character on the stage.

That’s because, beyond everything else, many of us are stupid as bricks and confuse reality with what we watch on TV. He was, after all, the king of The Apprentice show and used that to become president of the United States.

That, friends, was our fault, not his.

Take lesson from it. You can touch, smell, feel, all those other things, what is real. What is on TV is a different matter. No matter how many times you say it on TV, a lie is a lie is a lie. We should know that by now.

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