You are no longer required to listen

The thing about presidents, the ones you backed and the ones you didn’t, is that you always had to listen to what they were saying because you could never tell when they were going to pull some kind of crap that would cause all kinds of trouble for all kinds of people. I sort of let go of all of that during eight years of Barack Obama because, listen, he was a literate decent man with a family who wasn’t going to do anything truly evil.

That’s why the arrival of President Trump, a man with no scruples, no values, no valid thoughts about anything, was such a shock to my system. Even thought I didn’t want to listen, I had to. Walls paid for by Mexico was the least of it. I tried briefly to keep a running list of obvious lies, but failed at that early on. Simply too many to keep track of. He was counting that, of course.

Soon, we will no longer have listen to him about anything. His hopeless and now ridiculous bid to overturn the results of Joe Biden’s victory is going nowhere. We in the safe harbor now with nothing but Trumps departure to look forward to. Melania is already said to be shipping stuff to Mar eh? Lago down in Florida. I’d keep an eye on the china and silverware, frankly.

Now there is THIS to contend with. A hopeless collection of state attorneys general from the place that voted for Trump are joining in a lawsuit aimed at getting the Supreme Court to void election results in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona and have millons upon million’s of democrat votes declared invalid because…because…Well, you can’t tell. I suspect they will claim abundant buggery or something else before they are done.

Let me just say up front I am not convinced the high court will see the logic of Texas’s attorney general claiming the voters of that great state are somehow damaged by mock shenaningans no one has yet proved in Pennsylvania. The president has apparently asked Ted Cruz to sign on the plead the ca se before the high court.

I only hope Rudy will find some way to slither into this event so he can continue his attempt to fart his way into history.

Imagine that, the man has actually added farting to the record during a mock hearing.

I can’t stand these people.

I knew Trump was going to be bad when he started tickling all of the worst kinds of people into supporting him. Now look at the consequences.

He has to go away.

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