Scotus to Potus: Nope

Well now, that puts the Supremes on the record about the presidential election, Biden’s presidential election that is. The high court wouldn’t touch the pro-trump Texas based lawsuit against….well, everybody…with any stick at hand. They dumped it out of court and slammed a bunch of things attached to it.

I have a question: Should there be some consequences for all of these gapers who signed on to this ridiculous suit, the gist of which was that the absence of evidence was all the proof anyone needed of election fraud and theft. The high court could see that one coming from a long distance. It was so skanky they didn’t even want to get their hands on it.

No opinion to speak of. No logic or lineups of for’s and against.

Just no was how it came out.

But what about these guys and gals?

A whole bunch of them signed on board with this ridiculous suit, which was aimed at the heart of democracy itself and suggested voiding millions of votes in a handful of states won by Joe Biden despite an immense turnout by Trump voters who wanted to do it in person instead of doing it in the mail.

Of course this isn’t going to stop anything. President Elect Biden will spend many of this days facing rafts of fools claiming he stole the election, but not knowing how or why. This is what happens any time a load of black people and Democrats have an outcome Republican’s weren’t expecting. The Republicans go all rural on everyone and act like we are in the era of the Hays Tilden election compromise.

They simply can’t understand that a healthy majority of voters would go for a Democrat. They don’t even understand that trying to undercut Biden’s turnout undercuts the big turnout for Trump, too.

And every one of those Republican House members who signed up for the “We was robbed” suit should be confronted with that at every opportunity and asked whether they stole their election, too? Because that would be the logical conclusion if the process was corrupted.

Instead, we had probably the cleanest election in modern history and elected a centrist Democrat and a very smart Vice President for the simple reason that they were so much more attractive than the thief who held the office for the past four years.

Trump lost because he damned well deserved to lose.

Now he gets to go home to his palace in Florida where we can start working very hard to ignore him. Which he also deserves.

2 thoughts on “Scotus to Potus: Nope

  1. The NYT had an interesting article about gaining herd immunity against the demand for disinformation and alternate facts. What were once drunken and indulgent angry musings that you knew better about have now become an acceptable part of our national discourse.

    But the reason uncivility was promoted was to get people who benefited economically by the New Deal to fight for more liberty for those stealing the lion’s share of national wealth for themselves.

    The article took the long view. The GOP has been detestable in fawning over the emperor’s delusions, but largely because they are all so far to the extreme right no one with half a brain would otherwise vote for them but the absurd base they created.

    The NYT refused to take the supply-side view of autocracy (politicians and media) and went for the demand-side. Bring back liberal arts. Stop teaching kids what to think and instead teach them HOW to think critically.

    But I wouldn’t mind Matt Gaetz being put in stocks in a town square with a lightbulb placed backwards in his mouth. Under a gas mask of course.

    But only for a few days.


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