President Potter

It would not be a Christmas season without two traditional media festivities, “A Christmas Story” because the late Jean Shepherd had such a distinctive voice and, of course, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” in which the war ravaged bomber pilot Jimmie Stewart revives himself, and us, too, in a Christmas classic about, well, just about everything about Christmas!

Other than the hilarity and the universal themes of every Christmas for young white males (“Santa, I want a rifle!”) “A Christmas Story’ doesn’t do much more than magnificently revive a bunch of cliches about Christmas.

“Wonderful Life,” is one of the greatest American movies ever made, with a story that is full of lessons and most compelling. It also presents a timely (Well, timely for movie made in 1946) villain in Old Man Potter, whose creepy demeanor and crotchety voice and vile nature make him the perfect character to draw out a little seasonal hatred.

Served me well until now, I am afraid.

Now I think President Trump is proving himself, in his waning presidential days, to be every bit as vile as Mr. Potter, mean spirited and creepy, too! He’s down in Florida golfing his buns off while the rest of the nation wonders if used Christmas trees can be returned so families can buy some gruel for New Years.

His emissary to Congress, the treasury secretary, hammered out a mammoth piece of legislation to keep the government going and support lots of institutions crippled by the Pandemic, then tacked $600 for each American on the end of it and it sailed smoothly through both houses of congress.

That’s when President Potter showed up. He did very little to help negotiate the thorny terms of the legislation, opting instead to continue brooding about losing the election, and puttering around in Florida. I think a little glance at the hair plastered to Lionel Barrymore’s head is what made the connection for me. Worst comb over ever, until President Trump. People spend hours on that hair failure every day and just look at it. It has all the poise of an old Dodge and none of the class.

Because his days are numbered in the White House, Trump wanted to do everything he could to leave a lasting impression on the countless millions upon millions of people who did not vote for him at all, so we get this. He won’t sign the bill aimed at pulling us through this Christmas nightmare because he wants to to include a $2,000 check. Or at least that is what he says. Who knows what his real motive is?

I do.

He just wants to keep all the focus on him, every ounce of it. Someone else will solve this problem and he will try to take credit, just as always.

It won’t work. President Potter has been found out. And it didn’t take Uncle Billy misplacing the payment to the bank for that to happen. It was his own incompetence and his lack of care for the people of the nation on this, our most caring holiday.

He can’t go to hell fast enough!

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