The Reaper arrives…

I am not a man to pull punches. What happened at the capitol today, where many hundreds of angry, ignorant Trump supporters stormed the building just as Congress was working its way through its part of the electoral process, should reside with President Trump. He called for it. He inflamed the crowd. He fueled passions with a bundle of bold faced lies about his own defeat. He once joked about being able to shoot someone on an avenue in New York and walk away from it. This is where that kind of attitude leads, to thugs on the capitol steps, to chaos.

With his fawning followers carrying his water in the House and Senate, he succeeded in achieving nothing but a scandalous tarnishing of America’s reputation in the world, undermining the very idea of democracy even as he leaned on the political machine he cobbled together from the dregs of far right political action in the United States.

I always believed in backing the public’s right to express itself, but this is not the way.

Trump’s presidency is, we are praying, coming to a close. A man who once led a nation, however imperfectly, will lead no one anymore. Who would want to follow this kind of a man, hateful, mean spirited and dishonest to his very soul.

He has damaged each and every one of us. It can’t be fixed and it can’t be forgotten.

Pray for the nation, and don’t stop until he goes away.