Life in a revisionist world

Well, he is just about gone, the worst president we have ever had, perhaps the worst man ever to have held that office, Donald Trump has been drummed out, sent off by a show at an airport, his favorite place to meet imaginary friends and an adoring, unreal public. A professional cleaning and moving team who has narrowed the shifting of the White House down to a science will make its transitions. It’s Joe and Jill’s place now, at your pleasure, because you let them use the White House for at least the next four years.

I watched Bill Maher interviewing Kelly Ann Conway on TV last night and I was amazed at her skill at talking right past any subject anyone could raise and into a flawless transition to something that was NOT being discussed even a few minutes earlier. Bill, trying to be polite, suggested our national embarrassment and shitball of a president was this and that, and Kelly Ann just plodded on with her lovely eyes and determined presence, spouting revisionist bullshit about tax cuts and the wonderful things Donald Trump had done in office.

This, I said to myself, is revisionism in action. Not all the snakes are slithering away. Arizona, the kitty litter state, can’t seem to find an acceptable way to deal with Trumps loss, so it just slumps back into the same old shit.

The man unleashed a mob to sack the capitol building just a week ago, and already apologists are trying to talk their way past that previous offense and back into a happier time. Apparently, you can still buy the “attack the capitol” t shirts and sweats on line. “Battle for Capitol Hill” is my favorite! If you can’t find a “Hitler was Right!” shirt, this one might do for you! That means’ there is a chance you might run into one of these people the next time you are in the deep woods picking berries and risk a flashback to that dark Jan. 6 moment.

They are all so slick at this, the revisionists! The most ungainly of them all, Rudy Giuliani, is still in the media now and then babbling mindless flapdoodle about this strange presidential man. I can’t believe it, but it could be Mitch McConnell is the most honest man on that side of the battle. Not a trustworthy man and always pushing his own interests, he seems to have recognized that Trump, now toxic, has been very, very bad for us. He might well vote for impeachment himself. But of course he is not saying just yet. There could still be a thimble full of self interest he can pour in his own cup before it’s all over.

Meanwhile, polling results indicate the army president Trump built and fueled on lies remains in the field, maybe at home now and righteously diminished by the man’s behavior, but united still and embracing the lingering, now ancient, charge that Barack Obama was not an American. Looky at those numbers, fully a third of the people questioned in most of these polls still believe Trump did just a fine job.

Jesus! Don’t we ever learn anything?

Actually, no. And this should be consoling as Joe Biden prepares to have what I pray deep in my heart will be a peaceful inauguration protected by what, 25,000 National Guard soldiers with automatic weapons, perhaps not loaded but near at hand. There is a thought to carry in your head as he takes the oath and becomes a fresh, new old man president. There’s nothing new about any of this.

These people, call them deplorable if you like, have always been with us. It just takes some very special circumstances to draw them out. They are fueled by hatred and ignorance. But that doesn’t mean we have to use that same amalgam in response.

Love your country, still. It is a truly great place. Love the people in it, however wacky or disagreeable they might be. Good, bad, whatever. We all deserve love, which might actually heal some of them. But you have to show it somehow.

Hate the ugliness that has always been here. Hope for a brighter future.

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