For some, the same old game

Now that the turd has been removed from the punchbowl, one might think the Republican Party, so soundly defeated all over God’s creation just a bit ago, would learn a lesson.

But no!

These people are still playing the old game. Not so many years after DT (no need to name him here) put a national bankruptcy level tax cut in place, Republicans are bitching about price tags on President Biden’s recovery and Covid package.

It’s the same old game they have been playing for years. They are bold as can be when it comes to taking care of the very wealthy, but a lot less interested in looking toward the interest of people who feel like they are literally sliding down the hill and heading for a cliff. Trust me, a $15 minimum wage won’t kill us. Neither would a little bit of a juicy check for people who desperately need…well, juice! And food an lots of other things.

This team was elected on the promise they would be president and vice president for everyone, not just for the elites and parasites so eagerly drawn to federal spending.

It’s time, once again, to take names and keep a list. There’s another election just over the hill and plenty of Republicans to scare.

While we are at it, kudos to Congress for giving DT’s defense team the time it needs to make up a rationalization for what the SOB did on that troubling Wednesday afternoon when he unleashed the mob on Pennsylvania Avenue and sent it to the capitol.

Let me prejudge the man. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Impeach him again and convict him again and then toss him to the Southern District of New York so the Manhattan prosecutors can slice him up and serve him to juries.

People would die in the wake of that, the country would be shaken to its foundation and the way would be paved for an inauguration that looked liked something that would have happened in Eastern Europe after the collapse of communism, with military force present to deter the awful people who wanted to maintain the status quo.

That’s all over now, and there is no reason to act as though it were not. Good for the House Republicans who supported the impeachment effort! Shame on those who did not.

DT was, after all, the worst president ever. He was the fawning object of affection for a whole clueless slice of the Republican Party. I’m not saying they should be punished for it, because it wasn’t a crime. (Okay, most of it wasn’t a crime). But it’s time for them to sit up and take notice of where the nation wants to go, the spirit it wants to travel in.

I’m not going to say “Enough politics” now because the solid practice of that difficult art is actually going to save our beloved nation.

Get on the right bus!

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