Still not worth it

Let’s take a stroll down recent memory lane, back to the days when Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency was just unfolding and a large number of Democrats, unhappy with what they were witnessing, were pushing for impeachment the first time around. Remember what Nancy Pelosi said then?

Trump, she said, just wasn’t worth the damage it would cause in impeachment, which would cut the nation in half, inflame his troubling supporters and cripple anything the Democrats needed consensus on. She was absolutely right about that then.

Ultimately, she led the charge against him and he was impeached, but that was never going to get through the Senate and everyone knew it. Such as it was, it sent a strong message about the level of tolerance for Trumps behavior. Apparently, not strong enough.

But she remains right about that now. The man is gone, away from the levers of power and licking himself down in Florida. What is the point in stirring everything up now that he is gone and risk even more animosity between the parties, which already hate one another enough, I would suggest.

Besides, the reality of what has happened to us seems to be sinking in. Read some of these polls from Polling, where smarties like us go to get the straight skinny. They measure the steep decline of a man who had immense power only a few weeks ago.

We have a new president who seems totally focused on the massive challenge of repair of the government Trump wrecked and a serious assault on the virus that is killing us by the tens of thousands. I think impeachment of a man who has already left office is a distraction we don’t need.

I do believe that even though we don’t seem to be able to muster up enough votes to convinct this turd cake of a man, we should go ahead with the trial just to get all the evidence on the record. It would be very hard to prove Trump’s intent when he whipped up the mob on Pennsylvania Avenue on Jan. 6 was what played out. He probably just wanted to hear the crowd cheer one last time before he moved south because he is that weak a man. But he is not that plan-full a man.

But then we don’t need to prove intent to look at the evidence, and it is likely to be overwhelming and embarrassing for Republicans of all stripe. I think we need to gather it all together in one handy place where we can all link to it the next time Trump decides he has something can win, then smear it all over him, just like the pooh was smeared on the floors of the capitol by those foolish people who broke in to bust it all up.

It would be good to have that record for him to stumble over any time he tries to sprint back on to the public stage. The key would be to unleash the evidence any time his makes the ridiculous suggestion that the election was somehow stolen. People generally don’t believe that. Of course, about a third of the public still does, and always will. I have found across history that a third of the country opposes just about anything good and clings to the same misleading crap that sucked them in in the first place. I would hope that this unleashing of evidence would ruin him, along with the legal actions he faces for the rest of his misbehaviors.

But he’s not president anymore. Stack the evidence up to the sky and threaten to push it over on him whenever you need to. But impeachment is special, and we don’t want to go wasting any more rounds on a man who wasn’t worth it in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Still not worth it

  1. “For there is always light if only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it.” A brilliant message from a future president for sure! Our youth are ready to move forward in the fight for a bold new future! You are right..let’s put our energies in the right direction & let the evil rest in their own hell.


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