Just One Problem with a Patriot Party!

I know the Trump people are a little short on knowledge about just about anything, but you have to give them some credit for suggesting their very own political party, The Patriot Party, to give the man a place to hide and rake up money from the fools who still believe in him. But I think we have been given a real close look at the kind of problem a Trump political party would attract when we take a look at perhaps the wackiest member of Congress ever, and certainly the wackiest new member of Congress, Georgia’s own Marjorie Taylor Greene.

On Saturday, she announced she had a conversation with Trump about her fortunes and what not and he was completely accepting of her and thanked her for supporting him. I bet they went on and on about the Jews and their space lasers and why they used them to set California on fire last summer!


My internal bullshit sniffer tells me the Republicans can’t wait to get rid of her, but they can’t assemble the sets of balls they would need to toss her out. In the absence of tossing her out, there is implied support for everything she is doing.

What a symbol!

But more for what it represents and than what reveals. Standing alone, this woman is foolish, evil and racist, and that’s just the start. But she would be the ideal person to lead a vanguard of these kinds of losers into the new Patriot Party. It would solve a vast problem for the Republicans, who have to cover their eyes and ears when she shows up anywhere. But think of it.

Starting with her and adding the guy with the horns in the capitol assault and any ten or twenty of the characters in helmets and various face paintings and scarves, what a great political party that would make!

I am so sad that Thomas Nast is long dead, because he could have had a festival with these people and that idea.

Finally, all the people who have been sitting in their bathtubs with aluminum foil on their heads to protect them from beta waves and their negative energies would have a place to show up. Imagine armies of them in their “Trump was robbed” shirts waving “Take America back” flags! Road signs would pop up all over south central Pennsylvania, South Carolina and every other place where being a little too right is viewed as just fine.

Of course it would lose a lot of drama once the nation shifts to quiet electric powered vehicles, but there’s always Harleys out there on the second hand market. Think of a thousand of them with these people on board roaring around the town square. What a support builder?

I’m only kidding.

No I’m not. That’s exactly who would show up in a Trump crafted third political party, people to crazy to fit even into the craziest part of the Republican Party, people who would not be allowed to assemble much of anyplace because they would all be armed. It is, after all their right.