Oh, and lest we forget

Save this damned link and keep it close at hand for use against just about anyone who wants to try to capitalize on backing for Trump or to argue that he was simply misunderstood or not the moral equivalent of a malicious slug!

If you doubt that he set this all up, look at the video, which is like textbook case of propaganda and brain washing. Just keep saying the same thing over and over, and then it seems to be true after a while. Then unleash the mobs. Joe Stalin would have loved it!

It’s what the House prosecutors presented in their first day of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. This was just after everyone resolved that the trial could proceed. If the video doesn’t bring you to tears and make you wonder about where these kinds of people come from, you need to have your moral guidance system checked out. Soon!

I don’t think they can muster up the balls to convict the man, but thanks to technology, we won’t have to. This is “Trumps Final Days” video of the highest order, the depiction of a man who’s so warped he nearly wrecked our government, killed a capitol policeman and wounded many others and left us all just gazing at the wreckage and asking, “Who sent these people?”

I don’t think there can be any doubt that former President Trump’s intent was to stir the Crowd up to go and grab what he thought he could get in the halls of Congress, a decision to stop counting electoral votes and throw the process open to even more chaos. It’s not that he is that bright.

It is that he is that evil.

And we need to keep this video to remind us of that as the days pass and we move, inevitably, into the next election cycle. I would use this video against every Republican running for the House or Senate, and especially against anyone Trump is going to try to use to “primary” his elected enemies.

That’s the man’s most important tool, chaos, no matter the subject. No matter the event. Pump up some chaos then look for space to use to advantage. It’s like some kind of very bad sporting event with an Ogre as captain of the strangest team of losers who have ever stumbled onto the field.

That loser thing continued on the first day of the trial, of course. It wasn’t Rudy G. and the melting dye that holds his head together, but it was not much better. There’s no logic to his defense presentation, just an argument that it is somehow unconstitutional. That will probably work with the Republcans in the senate, too beefy to hide under their desks and too complicit to shrug and argue they did nothing.

If a Republican Party remains in any recognizable form after this event, we should just turn it out to pasture some place and unleash prosecutors on Trump and anyone even distantly connected to him in this mess.

It could take years to prosecute your way through that a list of shite-gobs, but it would be time well spent.

As for the folks who attacked our capitol, their days are coming, too. The Times noted this morning on line that most of them have been in lots of money trouble in their lives and, guess what, that’s only going to get a lot worse.


They deserve that, at the very least.

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  1. He & all his followers can be compared to the “Death Eaters” in the Happy Potter Series…with one exception…he & they are real. Time to clean house well & keep it clean. !


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