These are the times…

I can’t tell you how proud I am of our Congress and the job it has performed, the difficult job it has performed, presenting the details behind the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. If you saw all of it, you saw what the Senators who will decide this case have seen. That the prosecution closed with this most memorable piece of revolutionary literature set it all off with the perfect grace note. You should all hear it, too.

Thank you Thomas Paine for coming here to help us so long ago, and for sounding such a clarion in these troubled times.

Soon, it will be up to the Senate to decide what to do about this awful man and what he has done. My preference would be for a conviction, but I will not be surprised if some of the summer soldiers and sunshine patriots skitter away like swamp creatures when the sun shines too brightly.

We owe it to ourselves to never allow this to happen again. We owe it to ourselves to drive the spike through what remains of Donald Trump’s political career and send him into the wasteland of culture to rot and ruin.

At the very least…

2 thoughts on “These are the times…

  1. I agree. I am not pleased to see photos of Republican senators ignoring the trial that they are going to vote on, especially since it is about inciting an insurrection. I dont want to see my country bobsled down a slippery slope because leadership won’t do their job.


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