Great Day in the Morning!

If you are a Democrat and you aren’t happy about today, then you can’t be happy about anything. Perhaps the biggest piece of legislation since the programs of the Great Depression is headed for the President’s desk, without a single Republican vote behind it. Almost everyone is going to get a check or deposit for $1,400, money for children, especially money for very poor children, money for vaccines, money for just about everything everyone wants or needs. A whole building full of confused people, some of whom still think Joe Biden and the Democrats stole the election, are watching their fortunes erode amongst the masses, even as their own stubborn base get firmer and firmer in its opposition to everything the Democrats want.


I think they will pay a huge price for it in the next round of elections. Americans are notorious, of course, for confusing everything and backing the wrong horse. But there was no wrong horse in this race, just a big horse pulling a wagon full of money for people out of work, out of time, almost out of hope. It’s government doing what many people thought government was supposed to do all along, help those in need. We are, after all, a society.

Sure, there will be lots of Republicans holding their noses and whining about the welfare state and government handouts. They will be talking to themselves. The people who get the food, get the vaccines, get the money for themselves and their children, they are not likely to forget this first big piece of legislation from a man who is not shy about using the levers of government to help people in desperate need. Good for President Biden.

He has, after all, a nation to rebuild in the wake of the disaster left place by the other guy (you know who) who never managed to present that rebuild America week he was croaking about. Maybe things look better for him down in Florida at Mara Lago, buy I can’t help think he isn’t staring at the ceiling at night waiting for an idea to present itself, any idea that gets him back on stage again so he can…he can…what?

Run for president again? I would love to be crafting the campaign ads against that one. Lots of Civil War stills and patriotic music then a segue to the capitol steps when his loyal army of swine was breaking in to try to steal the election. That’s some great footage. My favorite is still the guy with the body paint and the horns. I would make him the symbol of the new Republican Party and make certain you could not get away from the image.

So we’re on the way now under this new, kind president, biting dog and all, and very, very few tweets. Check in on his Press secretary a lot. She seems to be comfortable with truths, and isn’t that a big difference? His attorney general, Mr. Garland, will be worth watching, too. You can bet his team of U.S. Attorneys will be up to their eyes in the former guy’s business before you know it. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Great Day in the Morning!

  1. A promise kept! How important is that to the people of this hurting but healing country! I salute you Mr President…thank you.


  2. Unfortunately there are those who would find a negative in being handed a pot of gold–“the pot was too heavy, I cant count that high, why couldn’t it be MORE? Some people can never be happy and that’s what we hear about President Biden. “He’s a senile old mad, he can’t get his words out, we never see him on TV” He readily admitted he is not a public speaker and do you think he’s too busy putting this country back together to try to be a celebrity ?


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