Government’s back!

Did you watch it? Listen? If you haven’t yet, probably would be a good thing to go back and look at it because President Biden’s address to the nation last night represented nothing less than the rebirth of the idea that the government is our friend and protector, no longer the enemy and certainly not the vicious. acid dripping product of a president who had no sense of responsibility. Was it the greatest speech ever delivered by a president? Probably not. Maybe not by a long shot. But it was certainly sincere, heart felt and most of all an honest depiction of our problem and how the Biden administration plans to attack it.

On the one level, Biden opened the federal taps on Thursday and unleashed waves of federal money aimed right at the people who need it the most, common people who don’t calculate their lives on the basis of tax policy but who have more pressing needs at hand, their health, their children’s health, the health of the people they love.

It is an awful lot of money and it is undoubtedly headed right at an economy that desperately needs it. What are you going to do with yours? I’m thinking I’ll get some electricians in to bring light back to hallways darkened by a broken wire somewhere hidden in a pipe behind a wall. That’s going to cost me, and probably a lot, but I don’t mind. The electricians will take that money and spend it on themselves and their families. It will flood out into the community like rainwater coming off of the roof. That business will become stronger because of it, I am certain.

That kind of thing will be happening all over the nation as a people locked in the embrace of winter and the darkness of pandemic steps into its backyard and envisions, maybe, a pergola at the end of the yard with some grand kids playing under it. Or maybe a picnic. Who knows. Some people made the mistake the last time around of putting it in savings.

Screw that.

This is no time to be meek. I say start loading up on good meat and fish and veggies and wine and other things that go with a good time. Don’t over do it…well, what the hell, go ahead and overdo it. Remember Oscar Wilde’s advice about temptation and how the only real fix is to just yield to it!

It has been a long time since we have been able to feel good about how we are being led, how we are being protected, how we are being, just being.

It’s here now.

Go get it!

5 thoughts on “Government’s back!

  1. Part to a beach vacation in June..Ocean front with all the fun with my sweet daughter, he hubby & grandchildren that I can finally embrace again! Part to a Colorado visit to a son I have not seen in almost 2 years & the rest on a down payment on a E-bike to keep my hair flying for as long as it can! I am so grateful for his bold attempt at helping this country out of such a dark time! May we never forget the people who have lifted us doing all the difficult things during this terrible year. Let us not let our guard down as Dr Fauci had warned..we are still fighting..but we can now see the light!


  2. The man is not great speaker but he is an intelligent humanitarian . It matters not what he says, it matters what he DOES, and he will do what needs done–for US.


  3. Good advice! Last stimulus we gave the money to worthy causes. Mine to environmental and political groups; my musician husband to causes that support artists. It felt good to do that. This time, we have a longer list. Thank you, Charlie. Meanwhile, get your shots and keep wearing a mask.


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