Joe Biden: Just the right edge

Well, there you go! A president who is not an embarrassment and who seems to be quite well focused on what he wants, even if he is not arrogant about his chances to get it. Pretty good news for we Democrats and pretty bad news for Republicans.


The purpose of the Republican Party just now seems to be to strip as many voting rights as possible from people who have spent generations just struggling forever against all but overwhelming odds. Those people, the black ones, the brown ones, but most importantly, the poor ones, finally have an advocate in the White House again.

On the outside, you have the remains of the Trump organization, a collection of wackos who believe any conspiracy theory that comes along as long as it is aimed at the president and the Democratic forces who support him in the House and the Senate.

That is as it should be.

These thoughts are all provoked by President Biden’s first big post inauguration news conference, which he handled with admirable honesty, a great deal of compassion for people suffering on the border and a very tough message for the forces in American politics that think they can roll everything back to the way it was in, let’s see, 1951 or so? Or maybe even worse.

Will he run again in 2024? You bet, and with Kamala Harris at his side, although he is very shy about predicting what will happen that far down the road. He is that confident a man and that smart a politician. Who knows what the future will bring? If the past is any measure, there’s plenty of room for pessimism. How many more people must die at the hands of crazy people with military style weapons before the pain of it reaches into the halls of Congress and state legislatures all over the nation and leads politicians to vote in the public interest to ban military style weapons the hands of crazy civilians?

It’s so far past time now, so sadly past time.

We can’t bring back a single soul, but maybe we can protect some in the future, some classrooms, some people out shopping for vegetables, or maybe dancing in a parking lots in Las Vegas. Or who knows where next?

How can he be so confident when he talks about this kind of stuff.

One reason is in the polling. People are still babbling about the election being stolen from President Trump, but they in no way form a majority of anything. You’re looking these days at three in ten likely voters, and those numbers dwindle almost weekly as the message settles on people that Joe Biden was elected president by a grand majority.

It is certainly true Biden has not been able to sweep support from the Republican Senate. But if you go to polling and take a look, you will see plenty of support for whatever Biden wants to do that stretches far beyond party definitions. He may not have united Washington, but he is certainly pulling people together around the country, and that is very good to see.

I’m not saying our problems are solved, but I am feeling more and more confident about the President and where he wants to lead our troubled, divided nation.

Listen to this good man, pull together. The world still looks to us for leadership, and it would seem that it has arrived from an unlikely place, from an old man who never quite sparkled in the political arena, but who has a very strong aurora around him now.

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