What freakin’ mystery would that be?

Well, with all respect to big media and its ways, it is probably completely wrong to suggest we will never know what happened last Jan. 6 unless we have the results of a bipartisan commission. If you are still pretending you don’t know what happened, then a bipartisan finger pointer won’t help. And if you know what happened, and you certainly do if we review a couple of facts, then you need nothing more.

That’s why I am not ready to do any more hand wringing over this event, no matter what the brave Senate Republicans decide they want to hide, bury or eviscerate by refusing to take a closer look at it. What’s on the record already is bad enough. And we have hundreds of prosecutions coming up, guilty pleas, and what not, to fill in any remaining blanks.

First, my summary.

An embittered Donald Trump, still feeling his oats or whatever it is he has been feeling over the past couple of years, decides to label his election loss a steal, because he simply cannot grasp the fact that he has been rejected once again. He focuses on the millions of Republican votes he did collect (fools) and argues that many of Joe Biden’s voters were somehow breaking the law to bump him to the top of the heap.

What do we know about this. Roughly a jillion law suits alleging the same got exactly nowhere in courts all over the nation. The results of the election were certified, Joe Biden moved in and Donald Trump was sent packing, even though he will not concede or even admit that he completely lost the election. Is there anything a legislative commission might find out that would shine a brighter light on that reality? I think not. At best you would get Republican loyalists fighting every subpoena request and countering every development with the same line of pooh they have been slinging for the first quarter of this year. We don’t need any more of that, at all!

Remember again what happened. A big bunch of Trump supporters, all dressed up and ready to roll, showed up in Washington on Jan. 6, the day the election was to be certified. Trump stirred them up and sent them tromping down the mall to the capitol, where individuals smashed windows and pounded on police and tried to wreck this little piece of democracy before it had a chance to play out. They made a huge mess. One of them was shot to death by a capitol cop as she tried to break into the speakers hallway. The rest of them spread mayhem all over the place and acted just like the uncontrolled mob they were.

In no way was that a calm collection of Washington tourists just looking in on Congress. It was a crazy mob of Trump lovers who simply would not let go of ridiculous claim that the election was stolen. They wrecked the capitol, for Gawd’s sake. That can’t be denied. And either can Trump’s role in it. That alone should disqualify him from holding any office of any kind ever again. He should be headed to jail soon, if there is any justice. And if he isn’t, he should not assume he is going to run again. That would be a huge mistake. He would be soundly defeated and his face pushed so deeply in to the mud that the impression could serve as a death mask.

Enough said about Trump.

Time having passed, law enforcement has gathered up so many IDs and names you can’t even believe it. The smart ones had entered guilty pleas and fessed up to their behaviors. The idiots continue to valiantly fight their ridiculous battle.

In the interim, some members of Congress have gone so crazy that they have signed up with the other side in a bid to continue undercutting due process. Don’t be distracted by any of that. The guy who was a Trump supporting child molester will get his due. Marjory Taylor Greene of someplace in Georgia will continue having media events that lead nowhere. Those arrested will fester for a while. Repairs have been made. And so on.

The Republican Party, embarrassing enough during the Trump presidential term, has slipped even more deeply into embarrassment by failing to do anything the old time Republicans would have done save for Mitch McConnell’s attempts to do whatever can to stop any legislation from the White House. The old obstructionist still knows how to play that game. The price may well be the filibuster, despite Joe Manchin’s protestations about saving our government. Sooner or later, someone has to find a way to send these people packing. But it doesn’t take a special commission of lawmakers to do that.

It just takes you. Keep paying close attention to everything that is going on and resolve, as always, to vote in 2022 no matter how difficult the Republicans continue to make it. They want to redefine reconstruction and use it again to limit access to the polls, as though the Hayes-Tilden election compromise were something happened a few weeks ago.

All for that cheesy liar!


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  1. Best thing I have read on this mess thus far. Maybe you should work for a newspaper, preferably a great metropolitan daily. Vincenzo from Oakland


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