Republicans and violence

I can’t believe I am actually writing this but I don’t think I can sit on the sidelines of this one for another day. The New York Times, in one of those revealing and troubling stories that you might just read over, noted that rank and file Republicans all over the place have decided violence is okay.


That’s right. At all kinds of levels and in all kinds of places, the Republican far right is expressing its support for a ridiculous and troubling level of aggression against people with whom they disagree. I can understand disagreement. I can’t understand violence glued to the side of it.

What, exactly, are these people trying to achieve?

Isn’t it enough that the former president of the United States frequently recommended head bashing when opponents got vocal at his rallies? Isn’t it enough that he sat on his fat ass in the White House drooling over TV news reports while a mob of his supporters attacked Congress to try to use violence on Jan. 6 to prevent the certification of President Biden’s victory?

Apparently not. We have not seen the end of this problem and it will certainly surface if Trump, who by all rights should be in jail, runs for the White House in 2024.

Some of his closest advisers have decided (apparently on his advice) that they don’t have to respond to subpoenas from a Congressional committee that is trying to get to the very ugly heart of the Jan. 6 attack.

Indictments aside, who the hell do the think they are? The Trump White House game is over. He’s not in charge of anything anymore, and yet people are citing all kinds of executive privileges to try to avoid their day in front of the inquisitors.

It’s all adding up to a Republican Party that doesn’t look like any Republican Party I have known in 40 years of journalism. All this comes amid talk about a potential Republican bonanza in the 2022 mid term elections.

If Republican voters want to be complicit in criminal behavior, that’s their sad choice. But we don’t have to sit quietly by and accept it. The law should be crawling all over these people. The right to freedom of speech does not include the right to do whatever you want. And threatening the peace is a charge that has been used for decades to toss people into prison.

There should be a taste of that for these people. And maybe more.

I don’t want my country to go to war on itself again. We saw enough of that in the 19th century. No one needs another Gettysburg sponsored by these anti-democratic bone heads.

4 thoughts on “Republicans and violence

  1. The Gosar video proves your point perfectly. Have any republicans condemned it, or comment on it? No, sadly, their silence is tacit approval.


  2. A truly disturbing situation…full of ugly, disturbing & sick people. Silence is not golden in this fight towards rebuilding an undivided country. Seems at times a very overwhelming situation.


  3. And Democrats need to take action beyond saying “ain’t it terrible.” Gosar needs to be expelled from Congress for his violence against AOC; other repubs have likewise broken laws – there must be consequences! (Thanks ❤️)


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