Grow Balls

Here is my favorite Republican president.

If you don’t know why, you should have paid much more attention in high school or junior college history. He was the emancipator. He was commander in chief during a brutal Civil War he won over the issue of slavery. He was engaging and intelligent and, as he proved at Gettysburg, was capable of presenting a speech that would change the course of history.

That is my idea of what a Republican president of the United States can be. I have believed that since my own high school and college history courses and I believe it again today. This was the party that cleared the boards to open the way to the America we love today.

Enough about Abraham Lincoln.

Let’s talk about Donald Trump.

The conventional approach to this subject, particularly by liberals as far left as I sit on the spectrum, is to get agitated and start calling names. Fat ass, president Cheeto, the orange one, whatever.

It’s time to stop this.

Here is exactly why.

As democrats living in a republic, we owe people the right to feel however they need to feel about our leaders. A collection of them within the Republican Party remain Trump loyalists. That can be their choice.

But it’s wrong. And it doesn’t take name calling to show why. Just read the story above. It is all you need to know about what the man was all about. Senseless, ruthless, power grasping, those things all fit. Felonious will probably fit soon, too, if the prosecutors pursuing the various Trump angles reach their goals.

The Republicans have the history and all the brilliance they need to stop him in his tracks and continue his Florida confinement. But they need to develop the courage to do that. Too many of them care too much about Trump’s endorsements in their reelection bids. Too many of them care too much about the broad attempt over the past year and a half to limit access to voting, which is the most mortal sin anyone can commit in American political culture. Too many of them are letting him call their dance, like wooden puppets jumping around on strings.

Grow some balls. That would be my suggestion.

I think Joe Biden is doing a great job as president, so you know exactly where I am coming from. One of my good friends told me just last week that the Biden Administration had lifted a huge burden from his shoulders by forgiving his college debt. This is no slacker. This is a good person who used the money to get a masters in social work so he could get a job with the Veterans Administration, where his job description, in my book, would be “helping.”

That is so valuable. And it is so like Joe Biden that the debt forgiveness came.

Just last week, when Biden visited Pittsburgh to talk about his infrastructure bill, a bridge collapsed in a park and took a bus and some cars down with it. I don’t know what mysterious force intervened the protect the victims of that accident, but no one died. I do know that it won’t be a mysterious force that steps in to rebuild that bridge, and lots of other bridges that need work in Pittsburgh and across the nation. It will be Joe Biden’s administration.

He has delivered the strong economy he promised and has worked hard to address whatever problem that presents itself, be it inflation or Joe Manchin of West Virginia, the Democrat who seems to have a gooey Repubican center that keeps allowing him to get in the way of what needs to be done.

Longer story short, none of this would have happened under a reelected President Trump, who as displayed no negotiating or political skills beyond scaring weak Republicans into fealty and dimly educated voters into obeisance.

Its time to recognize that the day for joking about him is long past. He remains a threat to democracy. The Republicans need to make certain that his hints about seeking reelection are crushed before they have a chance to plant deeper roots in the mucky fertilizer the man left in his wake.

And while we are at it, it’s time for Democrats to wake up, too. The presumed disaster that will play out in the midterm elections is just that, presumed. If Democrats go to vote in all Congressional elections and avoid that tendency to sit a home and fester, the midterms will go well for them.

But if they don’t, the chaos that is churning just outside of view these days will return, setting the stage for a Trump election that will spell disaster, just as it did the first time. The man lost. Give it up and go away.

Sell your hats and hates to someone else.

3 thoughts on “Grow Balls

  1. Well said Charlie and nice headline. But I distinctly remember you telling me not to lead with such language 😁


  2. I so agree with you! -Even about the balls. This is no time to sit back and let someone else do it. GET OUT THERE AND SPEAK !


  3. Or as Lincoln might have said (indeed did say) “With malice toward none,, with charity for all….”


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