Putin in hell

A couple of my good music friends, Al Day and Randy Lee and I wrote this a while ago because we wanted to say something about George Pullman’s grave down at Graceland Cemetery. Here was how it looked the day I took a collection of Roosevelt Students to Graceland to see where some of Chicago’s biggest names ended up.

Me and my class at Graceland ages ago. Something I will never forget.

This visit inspired me and the song was the result. I have always liked it. So it came to me after I watched what was happening in Ukraine for a couple of weeks that this song, intended for the ghost of George Pullman, can apply just as well to a more modern figure. I’m thinking of Vladimir Putin here, because I think it’s what he deserves for murdering so many innocent people in Ukraine.

It’s not to make you happy. It’s to make you think.

4 thoughts on “Putin in hell

  1. 👍🏼

    Found myself wishing some brave soul would usher Putin into eternity. How likely is that to happen? Should I pray for that?


  2. Well…just the perfect song for that man! How many years have I missed not being close to my talented and soulful cousin?


  3. If only some brave soul would do the job. I”M sure God would understand. I pray for this daily.


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