Haven’t we had enough of Donald Trump?

Left to right, a murderous a-hole, and just a regular a-hole, talk over flowers! (AP)

Okay, so here we have a man who so diminished the role of the presidency that most of the world laughed at him (Putin, I suspect, behind his back even as he was smiling and shaking his fat hand). Yet he is clearly inching toward another round in the ring, probably just waiting to see what happens in the mid-terms before he slithers into his move.

I have had more than enough of him.

I would recommend we all do what I did the last time. I had two T-shirts made that said, “Make American Grate Again.” They were about my national call for more good cole slaw!

I thought that provided just the right context.

His presidency was a strange joke constructed around building a wall that would block people from slipping into the U.S. through border states, as though that would have worked. As best I could tell, he did badly at everything and may have committed a collection of felonies in the process.

We’re only now finding out exactly what role he played in that little event at the U.S. Capitol where a raging mob of very stupid, aggressive, felonious Trump pals busted the place up and threatened to hang the vice president in a bid to stop a Constitutional process that was already deeply underway, the certification of Joe Biden as the new president.

To this day, Trump has not accepted the reality that Biden actually beat his butt in popular and electoral votes. He is delusional, I suspect this tells us. The problem is a good slice of the electorate is delusional with him. They still think some mysterious process allowed the Democrats to steal enough votes, or futz up the system enough, to claim a presidency that rightly belonged to Trump.

That is flapdoodle of the highest order and not worthy of public debate any more. He lost. We thinking, sentient people all know it. There is not an ounce of evidence proving any of the shenanigans corrupt politicians have used for years to actually steal elections.

It has happened, but it’s a rare thing easily prosecuted. You can recount the Trump defeat a million times and the result will be the same, even if you import boobies who don’t know what they are doing to manage the recount. The loser lost!

Again, the problem is that much of the electorate is so stupid (You will never lose money underestimating the intelligence of the average voter, a sage once noted.) that this blustering balloon of a prevaricator might just return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I can’t even stand the thought of that. Over the next few months, the people he has endorsed in a variety of elections, author J.D. Vance in an Ohio race being one of them, will be closely watched to see if the toad of Mara Lago still has clout, juice, whatever you call it.

I hope they all loose on their own merits and that Trump’s wet kiss of an endorsement (ohmigawd, I just gagged up some recent food at that thought) will prove as worthless as Trump himself. It is inconceivable that he still has an audience given his behavior. He lies like a lying liar almost constantly and genuinely deserves to be behind bars someplace, if only a prosecutor would develop the stomach to go for his weak spots, which are all over the place.

Still, we live in a democracy and in a democracy, the voters always have the say. I would argue that even the distant possibility that he might return should be inspiring Democrats everywhere to do what we all know they must do….Vote vote vote for Gawd’s sake.

Is that too much to ask to protect our nation from this awful man?

6 thoughts on “Haven’t we had enough of Donald Trump?

  1. I’m taking my election judge refresher today so I can help people vote and keep elections clean and legal. I am deeply disgusted that so many Americans believe lies when they hear them often enough rather than rely on evidence.


  2. “Hear now this,O foolish people,and without understanding;which have eyes,and see not;which have ears,and hear not.”(Jer.5:21) ” There are none so blind as those who will not see.The most deluded people are those who chose to ignore what they already know.” John Heywood 1546….Jonathan Swift 1738 …and on and on…
    Human Beings in pain or in fear of loss will go to unbelievable… UNBELIEVABLE lengths to deny the source of their pain and will grasp to anything that promises delivery from that pain. They will also seek to reinforce their delusions by group affirmation and vilify any who seem to deny their beliefs.These are people whose needs and habits make them perfect targets for the Conman…a criminal in the guise of a Political savior will find the richest pickings there.
    Our nation, in particular, is mired in this delima…we have been for generations.
    How do we, as a nation, address this growing abscess in our country. The seeds of doubt, distrust, and demoralization have to be planted in prepared soil to take root. Look to those who cast the dung that fertilizes that ground…but in a free society, the ability to discern the poisonous from the healing requires a discerning mind and a conscious effort.


  3. Please let the poop hit the fan in the right direction. I cannot even imagine it again.


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