Banish Trump: Read the Damned record

Sometimes it is easy to be confused about what is transpiring in American politics. People might argue that it’s all so partisan today that there is no hope. But it has always been partisan, particularly in modern times, so the discontent so apparent on both sides should surprise no one.

What is new is that somehow, it has become evil, and that should surprise and trouble us to the very center of our being. I blame Donald Trump for that, and it’s not just because I am a proud Democrat. Stop screaming politics, for God’s sake, and look at the record!

Two things are happening now that are critically important for those of us who are common people, Republicans and Democrats alike. A Congressional Committee is playing a role that courts cannot, for whatever reason.

We are watching, in prime time, what I suspect we knew all along: Donald Trump, certainly our worst president in modern times and perhaps our worst ever, was a prime driver in the brutal attack on the capitol weeks after Joseph Biden was clearly, and cleanly, elected President of the United States.

You can be a lot of things in American politics.

You can be such a gaping a-hole that you are the walking definition of laughing stock. You can be stupid as a brick, but somehow compelling. You can be as corrupt as they come, lining your pockets with whatever you can steal. You can be venial and so self centered that you view your very presence as a great gift to mankind.

And you can be almost angelic, too, an ethical model for everyone and a beacon of hope for people trying to find their way through what must sometimes seem like thick fog and darkness.

But you can’t be the person who tries to stage a coup against the government he is supposed to be heading, particularly if that process is in response to a sound defeat on Election Day. That behavior is so unacceptable that it should lead us to ban the perpetrator from public life.

And that is what I am advocating as the results of the Congressional investigation of Jan. 6 play out. He should be banned from the public agenda because of what he has done. A court can’t do that, because even the most pathetic liar and scoundrel still has a right to speech.

But we can. We have the power to ignore him. And I do mean ignore him. If you happen to be a part of the MAGA nation, I would suggest you reconsider. You have been very badly misled, in addition to being very badly led.

And for those of you on the far right of the spectrum who are suggesting Civil War, I would counsel a visit to a place a stone’s throw from Washington to see what that really means.

Gettysburg is just up the pike.

I have been there so many times you wouldn’t believe it. My favorite spot is over near the Lutheran Seminary. You can stand at the bottom of a very important hill and imagine how it was the first and last time anyone tried a Civil War here in America.

That is where the forces of good stemmed a rebel tide and made us one nation again, the dismal high point of the Confederacy and one of its worst defeats.

Don’t ever forget that because it is central moment in our history.

And don’t suggest for even an instant that Donald Trump, a traitor by any measure, is worth shedding that kind of blood about.

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