A game plan for the Democrats for the midterms: Call out the liars!

The fortunes are circling around former President Donald Trump like buzzards floating in big lazy circles over the rotten carcass of a deer so caught in the headlines that it froze, got hit by a truck, and will now become dinner.

This is not a typical American buzzard, but you get the point.

Not that the former president was ever as attractive, as speedy, as engaging, as a deer. The man is much more like an ass, and I mean that term in an animal sense, however well it might fit as a little verbal slander.

But he seems to be deep in a shit-well of his own excavation. The lies about everything have finally caught up. Now it’s an issue for law enforcement, the Justice Department, that would be, to decide how to go after this egregious felon-to-be.

It would seem that just about everyone in his ridiculous entourage told him on the day after the election that his butt had been beat, but he refused to accept it. Even his lap dog Attorney General, Bill Barr, labeled the claim the election was stolen as “bullshit.”

But look here!

The Washington Post, still excellent after all these years, went out and tabulated the results of Congressional primary elections so far and found something like 150 victors who still push the “we was robbed” angle, to some success.

You might find that kind of scary, that politicians wrap themselves in such thick bubble paper and foil wrap that no reality is allowed to get in. But that’s not what is going on. This is a most cynical exploitation of the voters who still think Donald Trump was an inspiration and who still believe the unvarnished and ridiculous claims he made about the election being stolen.

Oh, a brief pause for Rudy Giuliani, remember, America’s mayor after he had a great photo op in the smoldering remains of the 911 attack? Apparently, he is now viewed as America’s drunk or something. Hammered, sources in the Trump entourage reported anonymously, he carried the “the election was stolen” ball all the way up the steps and into the private residence and pitched his case to the president, who does not need alcohol to seem crazy as a sailor on shore leave.

It’s just the way he is.

Rudy says he had nothing on election night but Diet Coke! That would mean he wasn’t drunk, just like Trump wasn’t drunk. But it does mean he is probably just as crazy. I would refer you to a Winston Churchill quote in the case of a woman who confronted him at some event.

“You sir, are drunk,” she said.

“And you, madam, are ugly. The difference is in the morning I will be sober.”

I don’t know if that actually happened, but it’s too good a snippet to pass up and so fits the case because even weeks later, it was still Rudy in his runny mascara backing Trump’s ridiculous claim.

Rudy on one of those days.

So, that’s enough about him. The point here is that the Congressional investigators are delivering chapter and verse on what a creepy liar the former president was. You might think it’s all politics, but lots of the witnesses, including the former Attorney General, who told Trump he was wrong were his folks.

Even they knew it.

So if I am Democrat running in the fall against any of these Trump hugging fools, I think I would make it very simple. I would start running ads now that say Trump is a liar and the people who are backing him are liars and it could well be much of the Republican Party has been taken over by liars.

With the exception of Rep. Cheney, who may be forced to walk out of Congress because of her strong stand against Trump. She’s a Republican. She can lose with her head held high, because she is losing for the truth.

It is so sad to have to say that.

But that’s Trump’s legacy.

The vultures could not come a minute too soon.

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