Which means absolutely nothing, but somehow sounds like it’s from the Pacific gem Hawaii, a perfect chance to change the scene of Duck of The Day. Of course this is as corny as a Bing Crosby version of Sweet Lelani, but it’s a good chance to look at some other worldly ducks.

Not a bad thing to do as the world of journalism squints pretty hard to see into the political future to speculate on Donald Trump’s future. I know that’s important.

But so are ducks, and more importantly, they are worth our attention.

Trump, I would suggest, is not.

Fooled you! You thought this was going to be all about ducks and suddenly it became a political commentary. For the record, I think the man is a T-U-R-D turd and I don’t believe we are going to have a civil war, even though a lot of mentally challenged Trump backers like to brandish their assault rifles when they go get fast food.


So, these appear to be worker ducks, unlike our locals which just float around and look lovely.

Snails is the objective. They gobble them up like popcorn.

Here they are, courtesy of Chuck Middleton, the former President at Roosevelt University, who spends lots of time in the islands and who is a follower of the Duck of the Day project I have mounted. I’m not yet tired of local ducks, although I may be at some point and I am thankful for this exotic addition to my flock, or whatever it is you call a collection of ducks. My choice would be “ducks.”

But these are pretty good overseas ducks. Thank you Dr. Middleton!

And a happy Hawaii good morning to you from these snail eating ducks. I am told, by the way, you can’t have a better snail hunter than a duck in the back yard. If you have that kind of problem, best get quacken!

2 thoughts on “Ducka-wuka-maka-nuka

  1. Ah, yes! Loving your duck posts, I have been paying more attention to ducklings in a pond nearby here in Durham, NC. Have you noticed how wee ducklings ride tucked up under mama’s wings when she goes for a swim? We noticed a mama duck gliding along with her wing feathers somewhat ruffled and wondered if she was struggling with mosquitoes or fleas or something. Startled by our appearance, she lifted her wings and out spilled nearly a dozen teeny tiny ducklings who formed an armada behind her as she swam away from us. What a sight to behold!


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