Dems: grow up Reps: shut up

This about sums up my feelings at this point about politics, and my guess would be that these thoughts sum up yours, too.

I don’t like to pick on Democrats, because I am one. But I don’t want any more emails announcing that Nancy Pelosi is simply “over the moon” or whichever hyperbole she lands on about two times a day to crank about Donald Trump or the chance that disaster is just over the horizon unless we…

Wait for it…

Send money.

I sat down to finish my day last night and opened my email, as I always do, and there were 27 specific requests for contributions from Democrats running for everything from the House to the Senate to wherever. Didn’t matter.

My money in any volume was what would likely make the difference.

That’s not true and its time for the dollar people in the Democratic universe to recognize that.

Just one thing will make a real difference.

Democrats have to get up off the sofa and, no matter the obstacle the slippery Republicans have cast in their path, vote and vote and vote until no one is left to vote anymore.

Don’t send money, in other words, just send votes!

There are lots more Democrats than Republicans. Make any complex argument about electoral college problems and how unfair the system is and how its like going to the dentist. Screw that. Voting is the solution to all of our problems.

Add Independents to that bunch and things are not looking so bad after all. The conventional wisdom (which I always viewed as perhaps the most boring description in all politics because how daring is anything that is “conventional”?) suggests that President Biden will have his butt kicked, and all the rest of the Democrats, too, in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Lots of reasons are offered.

Most of them are simplistic and fall back on a kind of “because that’s what has happened before” model of argument, which is thin soup for those of us who follow politics to the point at which it becomes a health risk. As Nancy Pelosi might say, “I’m so sick of dire predictions I think my head will blow up! (Unless you send money).”

What happened before is not always a good predictor for what will happen next time around. We live in a fungible democracy that, at its best, can present candidates like Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama and the Bushes and Gerald Ford and lots of other fine characters.

I consider most of them perfect models for what you want your president to be, given the occasional disaster, scandal or defeat that is so common in American politics. Goodness is not defined by party alliances. And neither is evil.

It’s all individual and personal.

Richard Nixon’s evil did not transmit to Ronald Reagan.

We get good lots of times.

But we also get candidates like Donald J. Trump, undeniably the worst president in the modern era, (which is good news for Calvin Coolidge because that makes him second worst, a little bump up the historical ladder. Coolidge lovers may be the only people who have a rational reason for backing Trump. He makes their man look a smidge better by comparison).

While we’re on that, enough of the pissing and moaning about the FBI’s little raid on Trump’s Florida fortress. Republicans have been cranking on about this for days, talking about the raid as an abomination, and so on. I was surprised the feds didn’t drag that fat critter out of his ugly shed by his feet and pitch him in one of those grand federal SUVs.

A perp walk for an awful ex president.


The man thinks federal documents marked top secret are his because they were in his hands briefly. What was he going to do with that stuff? My guess would be a yard sale at which despots from all over the place would visit his wretched Florida mansion and pick up top secret documents from folding tables in the yard and then pay top dollar for them, because that’s who he is.

So shut up about it. The man is most likely a felon in waiting and, if we are lucky, a future guest at a relatively cushy federal prison farm, where I hope he has to pick cotton, or weed vegetables and then be forced to eat the latter a couple of times a day.

As for running for office again, I dare ya! He is just the right shape to be a piñata for a media picnic, except no candy would come out when you bashed it with a stick. What would come out would be…Well, never mind. You know.

Stop asking me for money because I have to spend mine on hearing aids (thanks for that, Congress and Medicare) and stop acting like this flub-a-dub former president has a chance at anything but a nice orange jump suit if he decides to run again.

At some point, some prosecutor with brains and balls will put it all together and a jury of our peers will toss his butt in the can.

Or at least we can hope.

6 thoughts on “Dems: grow up Reps: shut up

  1. C,

    I too get the emails begging and mostly ignore them. I write letters to progressive voters suggesting they vote in every election. The lists are selected democrats who don’t always vote. The organization is Vote Forward. My political donation money goes for paper, envelopes and stamps.

    Simple direct retail method to increase voter turnout.

    Check it out.

    Steve K.


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  2. Excellent rant! Totally agree. zMy spouse and I also write postcards encouraging people to get out and vote. It helps us feel less helpless and may work, who knows. Meanwhile, I LOVE my refurbished uke!
    Your Unmet Cuz


  3. Cleansing words from the birthday guy! Vote blue all of you! So glad you are here to promote a very realistic plan! Happy Birthday by the way Charles 😉 !


  4. Oh Happy Birthday Butchie,your teeth are white and pearlie,and donald Trump is a great big chump and all his pals are squirrely…dupa dupa do dilly dump a dupa dupa do de dump!


  5. What I like are the requests to participate in “important ” surveys so “We’ll know what you think” but, unfortunately for me, I have to donate to have my responses considered. Love it!


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