The GOP: Too Dumb or Too Devious

The modern Grand Old Party, a busted pachyderm if ever there was one!

I have tried and tried to understand what the Republicans have been up to since President Cheeto was sent back to Mar a Lago, but meaning escapes me. I have seen Republican stupidity before, and Democrat, too, but nothing approaches the level of bone-headedness on display these days. I still have images in my head from that January debacle when a mob tried to seize Congress to somehow overturn the results of a clean election and take it from Joe Biden and put it in President Trump’s hands.

I got a typed open letter in my mail box today that essentially blamed Democrats for everything from…well, everything! It said the only way to turn this back was to vote Republican. Or expect a worsening crime wave and dramatic inflation to boot. Jaysus, they didn’t even have the decency to present a brochure. If they were looking for authenticity, they missed the mark.

I’m not a novice at this kind of bullshit. I spent decades covering American politics and even went to Moscow to have a shot at the Russians. I know cow pies when when I smell them and the Republican Party, almost all of it, is beginning to emit such an odor I can no longer ignore it. If you don’t know how bad these people are, you best sit up and find out before November.

The New York Times has been diligent in its pursuit of these ridiculous empty vessels and their electoral shenanigans. They just delivered what amounts to a magnum opus on their dishonesty. It’s full of liars, deceivers, floppers, thieves and dirty players, and that’s without getting into the attempt to turn every development into a fund raising opportunity.

This is not a quick read, but if you are concerned about the future of our beloved country, you had best spend the time. No one needs another single page of argument to conclude these people, and especially the flawed flapdoodler they hold in such esteem, should not be allowed in the same room as the levers of power.

In fact, not even in the same city.

You better start warming up your walking shoes for November. If you are a Democrat and you pass on this one, it’s entirely possible these odious liars and scoundrels will take back the House and maybe the Senate, too.

That is all in your hands. So put them in your coat sleeves and find every Democrat you know and plead with them not to ignore this election. The price of indifference is just too high.

That busted animal from up there, now down here, too!

2 thoughts on “The GOP: Too Dumb or Too Devious

  1. You Bet I’ll be at the polls. I can’t understand why so many people would vote for a Party and not a person! Or are they all too stupid to see the truth?


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