So,what is the truth?

Okay, one full day of evidence and testimony is behind us now, with the Democrats leveling the opening shots on their charge that President Trump tried to shake down the Ukrainian government to get it to unleash announcements about investigations of Joe Biden and his son. In response, the Republicans have shouted that it’s all […]

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A rhetorical response

Okay, there is the White House official response to the impeachment charges the Senate will consider, however briefly, when the president’s impeachment trial resumes. Basically, its more of the same old Trumpian crap. The process, the President says, is “rigged” and the Senate should immediately acquit Trump as soon as the trial begins later this […]

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Waiting for the other shoe…

It could take some time before we are able to tell whether President Trump should get acclaim or blame for the slaying of one of the most prominent Iranian generals, a man well known for terror and trouble in the region. We know that the decision to kill Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, chief of the […]

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The tiny stars in heaven…

Many years ago, when I was freshly married and we were living in our first house out along the Susquehanna River, my wife and I sat down just before Christmas to write a poem to my grandmother Madigan, who was ailing but very determined. She lived just past 100 years. Here is what we wrote: […]

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Where is Christmas?

Sad word comes from Paris that for the first time in two centuries, there will be no mass at Notre Dame, the magnificent Cathedral wrecked by fire, on Christmas Eve. Why this is news escapes me. It’s not like God actually lives there, or Jesus either. In fact if my memories of Paris serve (and […]

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Calling electable Republicans!

Having become only the third sitting president in history to be impeached, the focus for the Democrats and President Trump, too, now becomes the next election in fall 2020. The Senate, controlled by the blindly loyal majority leader Mitch McConnell, will pitch this hot potato into the history bin as quickly as it can, I […]

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Not the Most Important day!

Today the House will be asked to vote on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. After months of anxiety, an important moment will arrive. I predict the president will be impeached by the Democratic members of the House, with the Republicans holding a fat bundle of “no” votes that will make the thing seem like […]

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