Cracks in the Mueller Ice

I was very happy to see this story and I just love the fact that the people who unleashed it waited for a nice interval. The timing is perfect. Just when people are starting to squint at the Attorney General and wonder what he is doing, up comes this report to build a little fire […]

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Biden: Run But Beware!

This is a great example of how politics creates its own eras, depending on the dominant issues of the day. Joe Biden is one of the most faithful Democrats of all time. Yes, I know about the Anita Hill thing, his touchy feel-iness and so on. But I also know we can depend on him […]

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Pelosi to Trump: Scaredy cat!

So, the Democrats want all 400 pages, or whatever it is, of the Mueller Report on the Trump/Russia embarrassment so they can decide for themselves whether the President obstructed justice in the investigation of this foreign dabbling in our politics. Of course they do, and they should well get it. Why in the name of […]

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