We’re Winning!

No doubt about it. The fact that this assessment comes from a Democratic polling interest would usually stop me, but not this time. It’s pretty clear from the Greenberg analysis that Democrats victory in the Congressional races (and beyond) was not only decisive, but also pretty deep. It’s also clear that it wasn’t some new […]

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Crisis Definitions for Presidents!

Dear President Trump, Sorry about your immense losses in the most recent election, where it appears anyone with any sense fled your endorsement and offers of protection. Politics ain’t beanbag! But that’s not why I am writing. It has come to us that you have decided to define crises by your own terms, which means […]

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The American Nationalist!

So now we have a nationalist president, by self-acclaim, which means a couple of things:1. He was asleep or counting his money back when nationalism broke out after the collapse of Communism 2. He never heard of Serbia and its quest to revive the ideal of a Greater Serbian nation 3. Knows nothing of history […]

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Digging In For A Two-Year Storm

It did not take long for something horrific to push the results of the midterm elections down on the priority lists. Mass murder at a country western bar where a bunch of college kids were line dancing will do that kind of thing. I’m thinking of building a device to pop into every story to […]

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Vote Like Your Ass Is On The Line And Ignore the News until next Tuesday night!

This is the point in the political campaign when the passion for polling becomes so strong that it’s like high school love, with the media playing the role of the pimply smart ass guy and politics, however you define it, playing prom queen. Okay, so that’s a dated, sexist and inappropriate comparison. But it’s the […]

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