Work Is Good?

This is a hard subject for me because I have had a job since I was about 13 and felt naked and alone whenever I didn’t. You spend your money better when you earn it, you know? So along comes the New Republic with a thoughtful story about work, basically in reaction to President Trump’s […]

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30 for the Newseum

Of course this had to happen. In a nation where old and once trusted newspapers fall like autumn foliage, who would have thought that a museum in tribute to the news industry could possibly succeed? Publishers, I suppose, who saw the place as a tribute to the ideals they held dear. That’s why they stuck […]

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Roger Stone, Well Of Course!

Did this surprise you in the least bit? It didn’t surprise me. I just figured it would take time for the special prosecutor to sweep up all the glass shards and bits of fluff that surrounded this particular suspect before they would indict him. There’s nothing significant to say about this man. He has been […]

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Fluffing Trump’s Bluffing

Dang, I have to say it now. I’m starting to really, really like Nancy Pelosi, who is behaving just like a good grandmother, mother and politician should. I can’t believe she is not from Chicago, but Baltimore is a pretty good challenger in the political world, so she’s carrying lots of stuff from there to […]

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The Piper Wants His Money

I will never forget the time we withheld our services at United Press International for a couple of weeks to convince them they should pay us more money. Long story short, it wasn’t a wealthy company and what we lost on strike we never made up. As for solidarity, I was one of only two […]

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