Dr. No!

I keep feeling the need to start my blog with the words, ‘Holy Shit!’ but I think I’m getting over that and may just revert to “What the fuck?” So, “What the fuck?’ We now have a president who has been acting like a prescribing physician in one of those low rent doctors offices you […]

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Farewell Department Stores

Oh, shit! Now it appears Department stores are going to belly up in the wake of the arrival of this Corona virus and the crushing impact it has had on the economy. Anyone who knows me at all knows I am not much for fashion, but I must confess I enjoyed rambling the hallways and […]

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Biden: Start Building

It’s time for Joe Biden to begin to grab the media spotlight and turn attention away from President Trump. I think he should name his running mate (a woman) this week and also start outlining what his cabinet is going to look like. I know. I know. Ahead of the game! Sure is, but that’s […]

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And Now…This

I used to hate it when TV people used this most bogus of transitions, the lazy writer’s way to get from here to there… And now…This. I always wanted to write a song with that phrase in it, something that would underline the ironies of life and significant and insignificant events and wins and losses, […]

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