Saints? Really? Where is heaven?

During research years ago for a book I want to write at some point, I looked into the life of a preacher named Henry Harbaugh, one of those 19th century believers who never stopped thinking about life, after life and the meaning of heaven. He was a remarkable man for many reasons, not the least […]

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Three Cheers for the Sixth of July

But don’t tell anyone. My plan is to celebrate the Nations Independence on July 6, well after President Trump taints the whole celebration by dragging his fat ass down on the mall or someplace to give a speech about his wonderfulness. This holiday has been preserved since Harry Truman’s day as president free. Sure, they […]

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Goodbye Leon Redbone

Loved his stuff from the first time I ever saw it, and that was a long, long time ago. Those of us who loved the old stuff, the kind of stuff our grandparents and parents would have loved, took naturally to Leon Redbone. He wasn’t very good at singing, but that did not stop him. […]

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Drunk Nancy? You Wish!

Well, I think this step was inevitable. One of the things about Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and second in line in presidential succession, is the fact that she is a terrible public speaker. That is not a criticism of what she says, but how she says it. Halting. Stumbling. Getting tangled up in […]

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Bitching on his own terms…

So, does it sound to you like the President was ever interested in infrastructure conversations with the Democrats, or was this whole thing just a setup so he could bitch at the audience on his own terms? My guess it’s almost all about bitching on his own terms, like the self-centered ego- centric sicko he […]

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Iran and War? Not Yet

President Trump has sent the message to the rest of Washington that he is not pushing for a war with Iran. This is the best news coming from the man in weeks and weeks, but I don’t know whether this thought will hold. He has that consistency problem. You know, one day it’s this and […]

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