Hmmm…Did he or didn’t he

Robert Mueller clearly could not tell. His report to the Attorney General says there’s not enough evidence to charge Trump with a crime, and not enough evidence to exonerate him on obstruction charges, or any charge for that matter. Trump, for his part, tweeted “complete and total exoneration” with appropriate capitals where required. But the […]

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A Waiting Game

The question this Sunday morning is not at all about impeachment. It’s about what we are waiting for and how we will interpret what the special counsel has presented. I really don’t care about this and I haven’t since the day I decided I would use any opportunity that presents itself to criticize, chastise, undercut, […]

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I have the report…

Actually, I don’t have the report. But this is an experiment to see how far I can push with a headline because, as my friend Mike Tackett at the New York Times suggests, this is not the end, this is just the end of the beginning. Over the next few days, oodles of people are […]

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Pissing on the Hero’s Grave

It has become completely clear to me that President Trump has slipped his harness and is rambing, alone, across the fields of rhetorical excess. I was shocked the first time he attacked the late Sen. John McCain, and now I am double shocked that this man has done it again! I thought the President was […]

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