How will the Dems blow it?

This is a profoundly provocative question behind the New Yorker story that deals with the same subject, but more from a “whether” perspective than from a certainty. I am sitting with the certainty at his point that some one will pull a trigger on a hidden weapon and send the whole mass of them, all […]

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Go for it Joe!

Well, I initially opposed Joe Biden for president as too old and with too much track record to survive the long run, but I have changed my mind. His opening video was delivered with remarkable clarity. He tells us clearly who the enemy is and, using the South Carolina experience, why. It’s a strong kickoff […]

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Too Dumb or Too Devious?

I was struggling with the thought of letting the whole Mueller Report thing sit to stew, like a cow pie in the hot sun, when Dana Milbank stepped in with a great Washington Post column setting my dark thoughts to rambling again! Thank you Dana! What Milbank suggests is that Mueller at some point settled […]

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